Saturday, December 10, 2011

More than a Military Spouse!

While in the state of Colorado
"More than a Military Spouse!" is a facebook page I created in order to bring a group of women, military spouses, friends, and family, together to share their stories, feelings and passions. You know I am a very proud Military Wife and I will say that over and over...but at the same time I feel, we are more than that. We do have goals in life, dreams, and careers. The misconception of a Military Wife is that we have no lives..and that is so far from the truth. Many believe that military spouses sit at home, run at home business, take care of the children, and that is it. While many military spouses do have these characteristics, many do other things too. I entered the military lifestyle when I was 20 years old. My ex husband was a Marine and I quickly began learning about the military..in fact now that I think about it, I would study Marine Corps knowledge, dorky right? That marriage ended in divorce because not everything works out like you plan it.
In Belgium!
I am married to Chris now who is in the Army and while I had a gap in between marriages, I learned A LOT about myself, being independent and not having to count on anyone but myself. I lived in a town and state I was not from and had to develop a sense of belonging on my own so I went back to school. I had to finish what I started and went back to get my Bachelor of Arts...I wanted to become a police officer! I was ready too and had my application set. Well during this time, I had decided I wanted to move back to Chicago where my family is from and start a new life,closer to family, but then BAM!!!!! I met my husband, well he found me! (that will be in a later blog). He was in the Army at that time for 6 years and had just gotten back from a deployment.....WE FELL IN LOVE FAST!!! I had aspirations to become a police officer and that quickly changed within the year.....we got stationed overseas! There isn't any way I can do that out here!!! So now I am a stay at home mother of two boys and my step daughter during the Summers. I enjoy it!! Ok fine I admit, I have had moments where I just wanted to go back to work....those days I am usually exhausted....we have those days. The point is, we have dreams!!! I created the Facebook page for military spouses who want to share their stories. Some military wives are passionate about cooking, making crafts, dogsitting, reading celebrity gossip and so much more...I LOVE that about this community, we are so diverse. So I made the page to show that we are more than military spouses, we are women that can be in a group and accept the differences between us. I try to avoid drama on there and I post questions on there all the time, hot topics, celebrity stuff, recipes, videos, and if you want to share your blog there, that is ok too!!! SO sorry for all the run-on sentences! I would love for you all to join and invite your friends, the link is right on my blog, scroll down some and you will see "More than a Military Spouse!"  or click here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/129619020448514/?notif_t=group_activity

It is amazing what you can learn from another person walking in similar shoes...I treasure that always!!

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