Sunday, December 25, 2011

My First Makeup Swap!!

This was my first Makeup Swap I have ever done! I was always interested in doing a swap with another person on Youtube but didn't have a clue on how to start one. First of all, a swap can be anything from thrifted clothing, brand new items to makeup items. I found MissNiv555 on a random youtube video I was watching and she had commented on how she couldn't get WetnWild products at a low cost since she resides in the United Kingdom...so I offered to do a swap with her. It was neat...some people choose to never do swaps because they feel as though they will never be able to trust that the other person will send them stuff in return for their items. How do you trust that someone will send you items?? Trust your gut. I saw her genuine comment on the video and I thought...why not?
I contacted MissNiv555 and we set a price limit...and now I know why she said it was pricey...the items cost as much as the shipping does. I didn't mind though because she sent me some neat makeup items from the United Kingdom.
I have been to the U.K. once before and thoroughly enjoyed it but never thought to pick up makeup while I was there!! So this was perfect for me!!
I want to personally thank MissNiv555 for trusting her gut as well!! I really hope she enjoys her items because I love each item she sent me!! Try it and you won't regret it!! 

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