Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Sofia the First"

My husband surfs the internet while I get ready to go just about every morning (on his days off) and something caught his eye!!! Yes it was a Disney Princess!!! I thought it was cute!!
"Sofia the First" not only has an awesome name (I am bias I know)....but she has a lavender dress!!! Ask my mother and she will tell you, that was the only color I wore as a toddler, if only she could have been invented 25 years ago!! I would have loved her!! She isn't like every other Disney Princess, she is in a blended family!! Ok well so was Cinderella, my point is..Sofia's mother married the king so that gave Sofia "Princess Status" by marriage, cute huh? She was a commoner who came from nothing. She has a step siblings as well that she has to learn to get along with. 
Disney created Sofia with the intentions that she is going to teach young girls that what matters the most is what is on the inside and not so much on the outside. She is humble, loyal, and trustworthy...and is going to teach life lessons. I believe Disney on this one. Young girls need a show like this...yes she will not be on a movie just yet, she will be on a TV series. Sofia's mother is Hispanic, I think the name Ramirez gave it away!
I just hope that this Disney character does not crash and burn as some of the stereotypes of the others include, caked on makeup, the best clothing, almost no clothing (Ariel), rich, and always put together...to find love and a happy ever after with a Prince of course!! The Prince of course having the chisled face and muscles to go along!! C'mon, it isn't like that in real life unless you are RICH! With the right amount of money, I am sure I can make all that come true!! LOL!!
I am not sure if I will be watching the new princess as I have two small boys, well who knows, they really don't discriminate against cartoons. I just know that I will be asking for a "Sofia the First" cake for my next birthday!! Tiara to go along! If you have young girls, this character may be worth a shot!

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