Thursday, December 8, 2011


I want to take a moment and thank all of you who read my blog!!! I appreciate it!!! I wish I knew how to respond to your wonderful comments you send me!!! I am almost a year into this and still have not figured out how to do a quick reply to your comments! HELP!!! LOL!! I have had the pleasure to see some of you on my facebook page and Youtube! I think that it is really awesome to be able to connect that way, so I think I will just say thank you for the recent comments!!! I am looking forward to our PCS to Ft.Lewis, thank you for the nice comment on "Let's Postpone Christmas.." That was totally last year and I hope my little one puts on a smile for this years pics! If you do have a blog, please send me your links!!! If you follow Youtube, you are more than welcome to sub, it is free!!! Also, my facebook group is open to anyone in the Military, wives, fiances, or girlfriends...family members, friends!!! Invite everyone you know! I don't mind.
If you have an at home business or run a business, you can add your websites there, afterall we are all MORE THAN MILITARY SPOUSES!! I enjoy what I am doing on Youtube and on this blog...along with my facebook page. I want to try and do something positive with the Military Spouse Image as in recent days I have found so much negativity lately. I am trying to change that, one video, post and comment at a time!
Thank you again for following my blog!!!! I enjoy writing for you ladies, the only thing is, I get inspired on some days and want to write 3 or 4 blogs and on other days I get writer's block!! If there is anything specific you would love me to blog about, please send me a message!! I will also take requests for videos on my youtube channel!!

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  1. Hi there, my blog is http://www.ourmilitaryhome.com/ and I'm on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Our-Military-Home/257150077645619. What is the link to you're Facebook page? I would love to see/hear a blog about tips on moving overseas and whether or not it is hard to find jobs-thanks!