Friday, December 30, 2011

Time to quit? Pfshhhh!!

Lately, I have been going back and forth on whether I should just call it quits on my facebook page, youtube channel and blog...but then I get a tiny little voice in my head...the one that won't go away that says, "not everyone is going to like it but if you believe in it then that is all that matters, if you love yourself at the end of the day, then you have done something right!" I hope that voice is giving me the right advice! Pfshhhh!!! 
The events that led up to my feelings have gone a little like this:
-The other day I made one comment on a Military Wife's video asking why she disables her comments on her military wife videos...and her response was: I am going to block you for being a troll. Sure enough, she blocked me before I even had the chance to explain that I meant no harm by it and it was an honest question.
-Lately, I have been posting articles on my facebook page "More than a Military Spouse" to spark conversation...some things I find online (Someone was quick to unsubscribe from my page). How much explaining needs to be done?? Posting an article on a site open for discussion does not mean I completely or even agree with an article. It is for entertainment purposes and that is all. Besides I learn a lot from the ladies on my page more than anything, I will say that over and over.
-On my channel, I post videos on love, relationships, and about the military...some topics more than others..and sometimes my opinions can be strong but everyone is entitled to one right???
Will I quit because of this? NO WAY!!! 
I am going to take a little advice from a friend I hold dear, someone whom I met online and is my bestfriend to this day..."keep doing what you are doing because you love it.." Yes my hubby, my rock, said that. Yes we met online...that is why I know you can make the "best-est" of friends online. Maybe even meet the love of your life like I did.
I do things for fun, entertainment and for inspiration. I do things because I love to and it seems lately it has gotten so twisted. YES perception means everything but not all things should be taken so seriously. When someone asks a question, take the time to answer them but most importantly hear them out. When you are online and typing, sarcasm does not translate really well unless you know the person in real life and have spent time with them. I get that. I get that more now than ever because anyone who knows me in real life..knows I am really sarcastic and love to joke. It doesn't translate well apparently.
If you are considering writing a blog or starting a Youtube channel, just be YOURSELF. (A few ladies have inspired me lately) Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement!!
People are not always going to agree, I get it. People will unsubscribe to something you work hard on. Is it disappointing?? Sometimes...especially when you do things for others in hopes that you will inspire at least one person. People will unsubscribe from anything you do because they completely misunderstood you and just never gave it a chance.
Truthfully, let me explain something. I have continued to do this because I have been inspired by many of the channels and blogs I have come across, by the people who I interact with, there are some very powerful people out there and like I say in my about section---->  (How will you ever get to know a person's story if you do not ever give it a chance?)
I try and help others, I don't have a hidden agenda. I don't get paid for anything that I do and I am not going to sell you something I don't absolutely believe in. (the selling part is the hidden "hustler" in my blood) lol.
No more disclaimers and no more worries. I am going to do what I have been doing because it is something I believe in. I completely understand that there are very sensitive people out in the world, I was one of them. I don't want to lose my compassion and just say the hell with it...when someone is in need.
At the end of the day I do have to ask myself, is it worth changing myself for the world or for one person that may have never had a conversation with me in the first place? Maybe that person never believed in me in the first place? The answer is no..if I am doing something unethical or illegal, then yes, I must change...otherwise this is me...accept it or move on.
I am not a quitter and even when times seem to be really bad or feel like they can't get any worse, that voice just pops into my head..."keep going...one day at a time...it will make a difference...stay positive.." That voice has a name: Christopher.
So for always as long as I enjoy it and love it, I will be posting, blogging, filming, writing and thinking as I always do...oh yeah...and on top of that...moving!! The world will continue to spin and as long as I am breathing and alive...I will be me. Just me.

Thank you so much for listening.

***Is this issue really that serious? No it is not. The point of all of it is that you should just continue to be yourself, don't fake being someone you are not just because someone deletes you, takes you off their buddy list or unsubscribes because you posted some dumb article you really didn't believe in, in the first place. Don't hide under a rock, hide under a blanket, or worry about the small stuff, because really someone who chooses not to be in your life for one reason or another, is truly missing out....or just wasn't meant to impact you in any way in the first place!! Love to all of you!!***

Thank you Christopher, Andreas, Alessandro,and Kayla for always having faith in me, I love you all. xoxoxo

Onward to the next chapter in our lives!!

My Youtube Channel is for all of you to enjoy...nothing more, nothing less.

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  1. Sofia. It's a fine line between writing for yourself cause you love it AND writing to help others. When those lines blur is when you start with the self-doubt and getting your feelings hurt. I've been blogging since 2007 and go thru the same cycles. I try to remember that I started blogging because I get a real joy out of writing and being creative in that way. And if it helps someone in the process, it's an added bonus. I gain and lose followers all the time. I stopped analyzing long ago. It drove me nuts and took me away from writing from the heart. I look forward to reading your new adventures!

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