Thursday, December 15, 2011

Treasure your Friendships

Charlene and I met when I was in College in Colorado. She was in most of my criminal justice classes and we started talking out of the blue, her husband was in the Army and I was separated from my first husband. We came from two different places, I from the midwest and she from Denver, CO. The military brought us together.
Because of Charlene's commute between home and school, I offered Charlene to move in as I had an empty room and I hardly ever lived at my apartment. She and I became friends really fast and I was blessed because I really needed a friend. At that time in my life, I was very self-destructive, I admit, I have made many mistakes in my life. I was apart from my husband in the start of a long drawn out divorce. I had my ups and downs with it, but mostly downs. I became depressed and lost so much weight, I hardly ever ate because I felt empty and nautious. I just wanted to be happy with myself. Charlene would listen to me complain about life and offer advice and I am so happy I met her. Almost like the man upstairs sent me a person so I wouldn't be alone. Charlene was also going through some personal things herself and I think it was perfect timing, as we both needed a "bff." She was so spontaneous and care free, me...I was very uptight and hated taking risks. A true yin and yang.
Charlene and I lived together for a few months as she traveled back and forth from her place and her hubby's place overseas.
Thursday nights we would make it a habit to go out to the clubs, hey I was allowed!!!  We had so much fun because we knew the bartender at a club we would go to and after one night we decided to sneak shooters into the club by putting them in our socks!!! We saved money...I know completely wrong...but very smart. lol. Club nights didn't last too much longer...
Charlene's husband came back from overseas and well, Chris found me. Funny thing is that her husband's name was Chris too...."Just Chris" is what we would call him, and my Chris became "Your Chris..." both of which are in the Army.
Charlene and I shared a huge moment in our lives, we graduated college together, with struggles in between, in fact that was one of the last days I got to see her. Charlene joined the Navy and I was so proud of her. She works in intelligence but that is all I can say about her because of course that is all I know about that! LOL. She has had her ups and downs and we have shared most. We have kept contact through email but I have not heard from her in a long time...I get worried. I have had two children and she hasn't met them yet. But I know that when I see her, we will just pick up where we left off, because she is that kind of friend. 

I always remember the moments when she would say "Sofia you don't deserve to be treated like that," or "Sofia, things are going to get better, you will see..."  She is an inspiration and the best friend you could ever have. I just hope she still has her little VW bug because we would cruise around it everywhere, with her 10 inch subs in the back....cracks me up to this day.
I just want to say....you can keep great friends with the military lifestyle, of course you may be separated at times, it is up to you how much you treasure your friendships. Keep in contact with them. So go on, find your friends and send them an email. Find out what they are up to because they may just need a friend right now. I will always be grateful to have met Charlene, she has truly made a difference in my life. The military brought us together and separated us, but I am happy that I will see her soon.

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