Sunday, October 30, 2011

70th Military Police Ball: Germany

Well at first when I heard about a Military Police Ball I thought it was going to be just like an Army Ball, it is a little different but the format is basically the same. We attended the 70th Military Ball in Heidelberg, Germany. All of Europe's Military Police attend and there were about 800 people there! The journey there was adventurous! I always usually get nervous about these events thinking..is my dress dressy enough, is it showing too much skin, what am I going to do with my hair???
I freaked out this time because we were going to have to drive from Belgium to Germany and it was going to take us 4 1/2 hours to get there. The freaking out part happened when we hit construction and we had left later than expected only giving us 45 MINUTES to get ready once we arrived at our hotel!!!! So when we arrived at the hotel I was trying to hurry, taking a shower, getting dressed, hair and makeup! I gave myself 10 minutes for hair and makeup and suprisingly enough, I WAS happy!! So we headed to the MP Ball and we were actually on time, I make it a rule NOT to drink before the ceremony, why??? Well because there are always 2-3 girls DRUNK as a SKUNK right before dinner and it looks so TACKY to me. My husband isn't like many of the other soldiers who attend the Ball just to find themselves slamming down drinks...he actually enjoys going to the MP Ball. I enjoy it too because my hubby treats me like his princess. I love it!! I enjoy the events of the ball, like meeting the honored guest LT GEN HERTLING...yeah I always see him on AFN so he must be important right??? LOL, he is important, he is in charge of the ARMY on this side of the world...EUROPE, he did say to me "I JUST LOVE YOUR DRESS" but I am sure he said that to many of the ladies there!! He is a very funny guy and his speech made me tear up. I took my video camera and wished I would have taken my regular camera because I wasn't able to get nice pictures, but that is ok....I had tons of fun. So I made a video explaining some of the etiquette, events and footage from the MP Ball and I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for reading my BLOG, it means a lot to me!!! Enjoy your Military Ball, MP Ball or Unit Ball, you are making history! Oh one more thing, PLEASE act like a lady as you are married to a MAN in UNIFORM!! Love you all!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Unknown

Well my family and I have been stationed in Belgium for almost 3 years and wow, it seemed to have flown by!! When I first arrived, I really wanted to go back to the States as the new culture of Europe was too much for me. Of course not knowing French was a challenge as well. But now we are getting ready to PCS and we can't decide whether we want to move a month later or a month earlier but we weighed our pros and cons....so earlier it is...that is if the Army agrees!! We don't want to be stuck here for the holidays when our household goods will be gone...what's the point? So therefore we will be rushing this one along!! So it is the middle of October and well we have a couple months to get rid of everything in our house we are no longer using. I will be going through my closet, drawers and under my bed to shed some weight!! It so happens our ACS is accepting donations for domestic abuse victims...so it works out perfectly. My sons' room is the first one I will be going through, they have so much stuff, a blessing really.
The unknown is what freaks me out about moving. Like anyone else, I am wondering how I am going to make friends. Well easy, Facebook. Facebook has the ability to help in creating contacts even before you PCS to a new duty station!! I am part of two new groups, hope I can reach out soon! I am also afraid of the economy!! Yes like many Americans, I worry whether or not I will be able to find a job. I am looking into Universities right now to find a place to get my Master's Degree. So on my agenda I have School, Employment, Moving, and of course my new online business!! Oh did I mention being a mommy and a wife??!! Challenges occur all the time and I am getting ready for this one...I have no choice but to be ready. The KNOWN is that I love my family and support my husband 100%, everything else will just have to fit right into that!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pisa, Italy for my birthday!!

The Leaning Tower of Pisa...ahhhh I was really there!! I mean right there in front of me as my hubby surprised me with a trip to Pisa for my birthday. The last time we were in Italy we were in Rome...but this time he booked us a hotel near the Tuscany Coast and we were only a 15 min bus ride from the Tower itself. I feel really lucky and blessed to have been able to travel to places like this. To be able to see it with my own eyes. I never imagined how beautiful it was until it was in front of me. There were so many people there and what is something we notice is all the older people who are there who save all their lives to visit places like Italy, Spain, Germany or France. As a Military Spouse I have experienced so much, travel being one perk of the Military Life. In my twenties I was able to experience Italy, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, and other countries. I never thought that was ever possible especially after growing up in a small town my whole life....there is a WHOLE other world out there.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa has puzzled many architects...I mean so many have tried to build it upright...never happened. I told Chris I wanted to see it before it actually fell over!! LOL!! We ate lasagna and pizza the whole time we were there and I managed to lose 3 whole pounds in four days...hmmmm?? I suppose one day I will make Italy a permanent residence...I WISH!!! The man I married continues to surprise me any chance he gets, I do feel lucky!! I wish I could take everyone with me on my journey through Europe. To feel the sand in your feet on the Tuscany Coast to eating the perfectly baked lasagna and to see the monuments that make Italy, well, Italy!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dover Castle in England

A dream come true!

Dover Castle has to be one of my favorite castles I have visited so far. It has so much history in it, from the first century until now...the lighthouse happens to be the oldest structure on the whole compound. Dating back to the 1st Century AD. Only four rows are left of the lighthouse and it was much taller back then. Did you know that in the 1180's the Castle and its structures were lowered so that in case war would break out, it could withstand a blow?? The outer structures were reinforced as well.
There are underground tunnels underneath that were built to withstand a nuclear bomb...of course now we know that noone would have survived that..oops. Thank God nothing like that happened. The tunnels were built around the Second World War by hand!! It is amazing because most of the walls of the tunnels have graffiti on them caused by a chisel. I love the view from above as it sits right on top of a hill near the English Channel. There are tours to take of the underground tunnels, a military hospital and others. We sat through a reenactment of World War II when Gen Ramsay lead sea vessels across the English Channel to go rescue about 400,000 British and French Troops. We were able to try on clothing from that time period and explore the Castle itself. We climbed towers and saw a brief history of the Royal family. It was so breath taking for me and my family. Chris and I had no idea how much history was in that castle until we entered. We bought two books illustrating the Castle and its history. Well worth it! We spent 5 hours there and it went by so fast, so if you plan on going, plan on staying all day!! They had gift shops as well and a mini cafe. There is so much to see!

One of the oldest breeds of dogs that existed in that time period!! Greyhound

Trying on a Military Jacket from WWII

Christopher and Andreas at the top of a tower!!

Climbing to the top of the platform!

Shakeology, My New Bestie!

So what is going on with Shakeology??? Recently I became a Beach Body Coach and I ordered my Shakeology on Home Direct, so I get my Shakeology with free shipping every month. Not only did I order some, but my husband did as well!! I have been using Shakeology for a total of two weeks or so here and there without exercise and I have maintained my weight!! This shake really works!! It gives me all the vitamins I need and the energy I need to keep up with my very energetic boys!
I am starting up with Turbo Fire again today (October 2nd, 2011) and going to complete another month as I have to fit into a ball gown by the 22nd so that is my personal goal, to look fabulous for my husband's Military Police Ball. I can't wait and by setting a goal, it keeps me motivated!! I have tried many of the recipes with Shakeology and I JUST LOVE the Coconut Shakeology recipe!! I included another favorite in the video below!! Watch and Enjoy. For more information on Shakeology, please visit: http://www.myshakeology.com/SofiaAlejandra.

Alma Hostel in Dover, England

The tourists!
The Alma Hostel
Chris is a bargain shopper as well as I am so this was perfect for us. So the rooms were small, but what do you really expect when you are traveling in Europe. We as Americans are so used to big everything, supersize this and supersize that...but here in Europe it is about simplicity and I LOVE IT! I was shocked at first to see how small the room was but it was cozy and I was sharing the space with my family so it was perfect. The beds were amazingly comfortable too and because it wasn't a commercial hotel the noise level was way down. It is located on a busy street and the halls inside the hotel are super small but it didn't bother us at all. There was a gas station right across the street oh.....and a huge CASTLE as our view from the front of the hostel. (More about the Castle in the next blog). Breakfast was wonderful and it was a Traditional English Breakfast which included toast, a croissant, coffee, juice, milk, one sunny side egg, baked beans, a large peice of ham, roasted tomatoes and a triangular hash brown. It was delicious! I am making myself hungry right now. So anyway the price...55 Pound for the four of us which was totally worth it!! My husband tells me that the reason why he stays away from commercial hotels such as the Hilton or Best Western is because the B&B style hotels are more personable. The guests are treated like guests and most of the time they learn your name. It feels more welcome and we are not just the people in room 302. I enjoyed the stay and our boys were so happy.
One Double Bed and a Single.
Our Closet Bathroom
The bathroom was literally a closet size, you could totally tell that it was a closet before they built it. IT was clean and that is all that mattered to us! This hostel overall was very clean and modern. At night I heard something crawling on the roof that totally freaked me out, the next morning I didn't know if I was dreaming or not until Chris told me I woke him up to tell him...ha ha, I must have been exhausted!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ferry to England!

DFDS Seaways is the first ferry I have ever taken anywhere...well not just anywhere, to Dover, England. I had no idea how ferries worked and I imagined our car on a 3 car ferry to England when in fact tons of cars fit on a ferry. We chose DFDS because the price rates are awesome, 40 EURO. Not bad!! This ferry actually arrives faster than any other one...and it is the least expensive, how does that work?? So we took the ferry and it took us 1 hour and 50 min to get across the English Channel. We loved every minute of it. They had a television set up with cartoons that my sons were able to enjoy the whole ride there. There were slot machines and food available for purchase, and a DUTY free store!!! I personally did not purchase anything although I really wanted the Urban Decay New York Pallet...but I wasn't going to get it as I know that I have makeup still in its package at home. The ferry ride was great, I didn't get sea sick at all and when we arrived on the other side we saw the White Cliffs of Dover with the Dover Castle on top!!! AMAZING!!! So if you are in Europe....check this Ferry out!! It is worth every Euro or Pound!!
Entering the Ferry!
Don't forget your passports!!! Look up DFDS online for cheaper rates!
White Cliffs of Dover