Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Children are Military Brats

I didn't know much about the military until I was a senior in High School. I wanted to join the Marine Corps after graduating because I thought it would be "cool." I had heard little about it and a friend of mine was thinking about joining herself..and thought, we could go into the buddy system together. Little did I know that the "buddy system" wasn't a guarantee that we would be buddies throughout our whole military career. I did try and they couldn't waiver my thyroid condition. I was bummed!! I opted to go to a local community college instead. NO regrets.

I was dating my first husband while in High School and he joined the Marine Corps in the DEP program (Delayed Entry Program) at the age of 17. He ended up leaving for bootcamp the Summer after graduation. I quickly learned about the Marine Corps and was completely intrigued by the lifestyle.

Brugges, Belgium (Square)

REWIND: My father was in the Mexican Army for two years but did not learn about it until I was in High School. He has a picture wearing the Army Uniform and I am so proud...that doesn't make me a military brat by any means!! I didn't live the lifestyle at all until I married into the military.

Christopher and I met when he had already served in the Army for 6 years and it was a world wind of events after that. We received orders to Belgium right before I gave birth to our first son Alessandro and 6 weeks later, we were on a flight to Belgium.

Alessandro in Garmisch, Germany (5mo old)

Alessandro is well traveled, he has been to almost every country in the CARS 2 movie...ha ha. It's true. He was born at the Army Hospital in Ft.Carson,Co. He has grown up in Belgium and this is his home. I am not sure how he is going to react when we move back to the United States and everyone there is either speaking English or Spanish (lol)...I am going to teach him Spanish. Today he cried when I started packing up his toys. He thought I was donating them and he would never see them again. He doesn't quite understand that we are moving back to United States in less than two weeks. Alessandro is only 3 years old and has traveled Europe over and over. Italy twice, Spain, Germany, France, the U.K., and Holland! He has been to other countries as well and has loved them all. We made sure to take thousands of pictures while we lived over here so he can see where he truly spent his baby and toddler years!

Andreas on his first boat ride.
(Brugges, Belgium)

Andreas our second son is almost 2 years old, he was born in Belgium in a Belgian Hospital!! Soignies to be exact and before I leave I am making it a goal to take a picture of the hospital and square of the town he was born in. He will need proof!! lol. The many stories he will be able to tell when he is older is going to be unbelievable! He has traveled all over as well and I don't think our move will have a huge impact on him either. I could be wrong.

Kayla in Paris, France.

We can't forget Kayla, my step daughter who has also lived the military lifestyle. She only gets to spend the Summers with us now but let me tell you...she has flown unaccompanied to Brussels at the age of 10. Stopping in London on the way. She has earned her badge! She is originally from California and has spent most of her life near Ft.Carson, CO. Her daddy of course is in the military and next year she will be traveling to Ft. Lewis to see us in her new home. With us she is completely adventurous...from going to Paris to traveling Germany, eating lasagna in Rome to petting deers in Lille, France. She has done it all too!! She brags about her adventures when she returns to school each year and she writes and tells me about it!! She loved living in Belgium during the Summers and I am so happy she was able to come out to see us.

My World.

My children are Military Brats. Do you know what BRAT stands for or where it originated from?? It came from the British like many of the military traditions still practiced today in the United States Military!! Neat. B.R.A.T. is an acronym. Meaning, British Regiment Attached Traveler. Translation: dependents (children) who are on orders to travel with the soldier usually overseas. Back then British soldiers used to travel overseas to India for many purposes so the acronym was created. The spouses of the traveling soldier did not like the acronym and wanted it changed immediately!! The United States Military later adopted it and it stuck like glue!! True history lesson right there. (Watch out for a post on Military Brats and Sociology).
So in writing this blogpost, I am just taking in the last days my sons will be traveling Belgium, their first official home. Soon they will be able to experience a new location (Ft.Lewis,WA) where they will have many more adventures. We are already thinking about places to go and we haven't even gotten there yet! I hope my sons enjoy it as much as Europe!!

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