Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Enough about the PCS already!!

I went crazy the last couple days, posting most of the footage from our PCS to Washington on my channel. I separated them as best I could but it turned out to be a whole lot of footage!! WOW!! I am happy that I was able to document it, as many people do not get a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes. It is very challenging to move with the military. People say it's easy, "I mean the Army pays for it so it has to be easy!!!" NO WAY!!
The countdown begins when you or your husband, depending on which is in the military, receives orders to a new duty station. In your brain you're already wondering what the next duty station is going to be like...if you are going to live onpost or offpost...if it is going to be a great place.
THEN IT HITS YOU!!! ANOTHER PCS or shall I say MOVE!!! Yes you now have to prepare for organizing, cleaning, scrubbing, spackling, painting, covering, hiding...sleeping, then cleaning again. If you live overseas and are moving back to the states, you have to think about getting rid of all your European Appliances, you can't take those with unless of course they are dual voltage. We sold most of ours or donated them.
I was determined to start early too!! You know get ahead on some things. YUP...as much as I tried...it didn't work!!
I did get rid of a lot of things, furniture that wasn't going to make it back the United States. Clothes I wasn't ever going to wear again....
Apparently, I didn't get rid of enough. According to the moving company, we went over on WEIGHT!!! HOW COULD THIS BE?? Well you can get a RE-WEIGH stateside...to determine if it is correct.
So what happened with all the footage and why am I annoyingly posting them all at the same time??? Well, my good computer is in our household goods and my husband's computer (3 years old) cannot format HD footage....from my handheld camera. I even tried downloading a newer version of the Windows Live Movie Maker...didn't work.
I used my Iphone to do updates and such but I truly miss my handheld camcorder!! So as we were in Washington (last week duh!) my HP Mini FROZE itself and it will not load!!! This meant no MICROSOFT WORD!!! My husband is in college and he NEEDS that program!! So he invested in another computer...and therefore I could now EDIT all my footage!! YAY!! So that is why they are all being posted now, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, I hope!!! LOL!!
I enjoy making videos and try to inform as best as possible. A PCS is JAMMMMMM PACKED full of info...I didn't even cover half of went on...but if there are any questions...feel free to ask!!

PCS= Permanent Change of Station/New Military Post
I do like to move don't get me wrong, it is the PRE-MOVING stuff that I cannot stand. INSPECTION of our Gov't Quarters is what get's me so nervous!! I will talk about that in a later video...yeah video...a lot of what I don't say here on my blog will be posted on my channel...


I will be back with my normal videos, SKITS, SPIELS, COOKING, THRIFTING, REVIEWS, and much more really soon!! Thank you so much for watching my YOUTUBE channel!!

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