Saturday, February 18, 2012

I got an M16!!

I could have went with the Bomber but instead my husband went with the M16!! Yeah I bet you're wondering what the heck I am talking about!! Well I am talking sandwiches. On post if you order a sandwich from the Commissary Deli, they are named based on military weapons, terms or vocabulary, I think Subway should do this too! In fact I don't go to Subway anymore because the sandwiches at the Deli are so much larger and 1/2 the price!! Overseas Chris and I used to order 6 inch sandwiches and they were so filling!! I miss them so much. They didn't have any cool names though. Yesterday my husband had CQ (such a military wife thing to say)...stay tuned for that video!!
CQ? Well that is basically where a soldier goes to guard at a barracks...guard. lol. They sit at a desk and checks out who comes in and out at the barracks. It is a duty some soldiers have to do. Comes with the job!
So Chris was at CQ and he had a quick break to go and get some sandwiches, so he comes back to the car and says, I bought you an M16!! SAY WHAT?? Ok so I knew it couldn't have been a real weapon, although they do sell guns on post!!

There was also another half to this sandwich!!
It was a sandwich: Wheat bread, 12 inches (you can feed two adults for only $7.69), Provolone Cheese, Pepperoni, Salami and Ham. With whatever other toppings I love....banana peppers, pickles, and the list goes on. When I first met Chris he was stationed in Ft.Carson, Colorado and he lived off post so I never had a reason to go on post. This was the first time I had heard that the sandwiches were named like this!! I think it is neat...some people may think it's lame. I felt the need to share!! I learn something new every once and a while and still some things intrigue me.

Say What??
With so much terminology in the military I am not surprised that some people forget what acronyms are..I get tongue twisted a lot when trying to repeat acronyms...I mean there is CYS, ACS, DEERS, BAH, OCONUS, CQ, and many more! ACS itself has 20 or more different meanings!! What the heck! There are websites created just to find out the meaning of acronyms I will list some down below:



Just to be a smartie pants I think I am going to start talking to my husband in acronyms!! He actually gets very annoyed at how many there are. A question for my military spouses, have you ever picked up one of your husband's training manuals and actually read it?? I am guilty. I have and seriously those are JAM packed with information!! I think I actually know the correct procedure to clear out a room. You know in case of an emergency!! Wait, am I even supposed to be looking at that...don't tell anyone!!

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