Sunday, February 19, 2012

In SICKNESS or in Health...

My favorite nite time Cold Medicine!!
The vow holds true in our marriage and with sickness in our household right now my husband has been spoiling us!! My husband refuses to ever stay home from work when he is sick. He refuses to ever go to SICK CALL. Sick Call= Where a soldier visits a doctor so he can receive quarters or a day off. He says it doesn't exist in his job. I don't know if that is true but I believe pride plays a huge part in it. In basic training he had his wisdom teeth pulled and showed up for PT the next day bleeding out of his mouth, I think that would have to be the only time he was forced to take quarters...lol!!
When I get sick, I GET SICK. I can honestly say that I haven't had a cold in a long time but since I mentioned to my husband the other day, "that's weird I haven't been sick in a while and you're never sick." My brain triggered a weird thing I call, sympathy pains or sickness. That is what I have. I SWEAR TO YOU, everytime I feel bad for someone who has a cold, I will get a cold. I hope someone can scientifically prove that this happens. I will be the test subject. My two boys were sick yesterday as well and were laying around all day with fevers. I have learned to not freak out anymore when they have fevers, because before I would always have my husband take them to the ER. I am a worry worm!
So yesterday morning my husband brought home some goodies, ingredients for strawberry short cake!! He bought me a Valentine's bear and a rose with his recorded message in it, two pajamas, flowers, a television (we have been without one since we moved in) and a dvd player. He rented Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Real Steel. HE IS THE BEST WHEN I AM SICK. I will say that over and over. I never ask to be spoiled like this, in fact I thought it was sweet that Valentine's came later because that was a HUGE surprise!! (The sales help too!! lol)
Last night, my husband set up our air mattresses in our den in front of our gas fireplace, all four of us laid out watching movies and eating popcorn. I love these kinds of days the most. Everyone together in one place having a great time. Of course if we hadn't all been sick, it would have been better but just to know that my husband will move the moon, stars and earth to make me feel comfortable as possible, makes me love him even more. He does so much for us to make us feel at home.
This morning I felt worse. I slept in and my husband got the boys ready and headed to the commissary and the PX. He set me up first, with a computer, my phone, my phone charger, nyquil, tylenol, powerade, a roll of TP(we don't have kleenex), a book, some seeds to plant flowers (no idea why!), and lots of pillows and blankets.  IS HE SPOILED? Of course!! I will do anything for him as well!!
You won't find me complaining about my husband on public forums, why, well mostly because I don't have any complaints. Sure we have some issues but they are so minor and I sure as hell will not share those over a public forum, we are private in that way with our relationship. It saddens me to see posts from some wives stating that their husbands are a-holes or jerks and blast it everywhere for the world to see. I say many things about my husband in a positive light because after all that is how he is. He does so much for me and our family and is a very giving man. I don't complain about small things like if he leaves his shirt on the ground every now and then, secretly I enjoy it because his cologne is on it and I like to smell it the day after. IS THAT WEIRD?? Nope. LOL!
My husband and I never had an official wedding, we were married by the justice of the peace. Even though, VOWS mean everything to us although we never recited them to eachother. We are aware there are VOWS and we spoke about them before we decided to get married. Of course it wasn't a vow that he has to spoil me when I am sick, but taking care of eachother is important to us. I LOVE that he takes the boys without any complaints, no "ifs ands or buts" at all!! He just does. I hope to see it in many marriages.
Often hanging out with friends in a group setting, I find myself shutting up about my marriage because I can't agree with some of the other husband's actions. I feel bad if I say, my husband doesn't do that, he does this. I often get well you're lucky Sofia that your hubby does all that. I don't really think it is LUCK, I think it is speaking about your expectations, wants, dreams and desires before you marry. Yes I do feel lucky, but I give, receive, and give back. I am not going to treat him like crap and expect to be treated well. It doesn't work like that. SORRY this has turned into a RAMBLED discussion but I had to get it all out there...ANY MORE BLOGS ABOUT MARRIAGE, just comment below!!


When I am sick my hubby is there. If he is at work, he will gladly check up on me to see if I need anything. I appreciate him everyday we are together and apart, even when he is working on his car in the garage. I will do the same for him. I wouldn't have it any other way.

If you have a complaint about the hubby, private message your best friend, sister, mother and talk to them about it. Please do not put it on blast because the majority of women will say, oh yeah he is a JERK, why would he do that??? But I always take it as there are two sides to every story and the next day you may not feel that way and feel bad that you called him names on a public forum. I sure as hell would feel bad.
Love each other. xoxoxoxo Sofia

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