Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Plane Ride Home

Hello Everyone!! I am so sorry I have been completely missing from my blog, things have been quite hectic since we arrived in WA!! Yeah we are here now. I want to talk a little about the few plane rides home and how they went....
I am always a worry worm when it comes to riding planes, but I will deny it if anyone asks...I will simply tell them, "oh yeah I love to fly!" I get nervous!! Anxiety, headaches, and I cannot and will not sleep the entire night before. Let's rewind and talk about Brussels, Belgium. That was our original flight out straight to Chicago....and we had about 11 pieces of luggage with us, two car seats, a stroller and our dog Dexter. OOPS, two little boys as well!! The night before our flight out of Brussels, I told Chris (the hubby) that the flight may get cancelled since the weather in Chicago was supposed to be snowy and icy. Oh yeah did I fail to mention that the hotel shuttle to Brussels from lodging was going to cost $120.00! That was an hour drive so understandable...but whatever happened to someone in your unit volunteering to take you to the airport? That doesn't exist anymore...or maybe it does just not in Belgium. Luckily our wonderful friend Andrew volunteered to take us to the airport (so it does exist!!) and I was able to ride in the back of a police car!! Awesome!! I wasn't under arrest, I promise.
We made it to the airport on time, and that is a BIG DEAL, especially for my family because we are ALWAYS LATE, even if a party or dinner is at a neighbor's house. So this time we were extra early and so relieved that we had the time to relax and breathe!
That didn't last long...
We walked up to our line with both carts of luggage and our two little ones and that was a challenge...and the guy said, "where are you flying to?" And we said "Chicago" in our happy voices..."well" he said..."your flight is cancelled."   WHAT???!! In my mind I was repeating every curse word imaginable. We were on a roll and then that happens. So it wasn't the snow...it was a mechanical problem. All the anxiety I had worked on getting rid of, came back in a hurry.
We were re-routed to Frankfurt, Germany...and the plane was going to leave in 45 min!! It was GO, GO, GO time. The lady with Luthfansa Airlines was so annoyed at our luggage because she had never seen so much!! She didn't understand military orders either and that made it so much more complicated. Luckily we only paid for the dog to travel...and cheaper than United Airlines!!
We made it through security, running!! We were the last ones to board and hardly anyone was on the plane. Our flight was only 45 min with a 3 hour layover..that meant we were going to be late a couple hours into Chicago...but how would I get ahold of my mom??
That was a challenge and even with a credit card they wouldn't transfer a call. I was hoping for the best...thinking that my mom would ask for information at the desk in case we were late and she sure did!! She said she wasn't going anywhere until I arrived at the airport. I love my mom.
The two kids....well....it was a challenge!! They used to be the most amazing kids when traveling...but this time around was different. Everything that could have gone wrong...did. Our seats were separated too so neither one of us could sleep, we each had one child. We tried to entertain them with a portable dvd player, books and toys. It didn't work...some mommies have told me to give them Benadryl but I can't.
We arrived in Chicago and it was SNOWING!! The first big snow of the season. It was bad! But I felt good to be home!!! We stayed for two weeks but I will talk more about that later...
The last plane ride from Chicago to Washington State was really not that bad...4 hours and a little turbulence. I was NERVOUS and sad because I had so much fun at my parent's house. Nervous because we were going to this new duty station completely BLIND. No phone calls or emails from anyone in the unit. Chris didn't know who he belonged to and I was nervous inside. Oh and we had to meet our new property managers two hours after landing...MORE in the next blog!!

<------- Who can resist these faces?? Don't let them fool you!! At the Chicago O'Hare Airport...

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