Saturday, March 24, 2012

Making Some Changes on the Home Front!

I don't often talk about "homelife" and to be quite honest, I have no idea why! I am a mother of two boys under the age of 3 and I thought, why not start a mother series on my Youtube Channel, on things I wish I knew before I had children!! I have learned so much in these past three years. Life goes by so fast and I realize it when I see my children learning new things and think, where did they learn that from?? I also have my step daughter during the Summers and I would love to speak about the challenges of being a step mother.  
So that idea is on my list!! Other changes I have recently made, is how I time manage. I am employed now!! I am working more hours than I anticipated and that is ok. When I get involved in something I like to give it 1,000 percent. Unfortunately some other things get left behind in my life. My social life and my love life. It is true...they get neglected and so I need to start placing that back into my life as soon as possible. I am starting to get a handle on things finally as I am able to organize my work schedule with my home schedule and what is great, I do both at home!! lol.

Alessandro is 3 1/2yrs old.

My sons are in daycare and my oldest son was having trouble communicating before and now he speaks in sentences!! He goes to the Headstart program M-F for three and a half hours a day. I am amazed at how fast he has picked up other words. He has also learned how to play with his brother and finally start sharing. He has even taken time to teach his little brother new words!!! My oldest is 3 years old and my youngest looks up to him so much, so when my son is at daycare, he misses him so much. He looks all over the house for him. I am beyond happy with the headstart program I chose...it has truly made a difference, and I learned some history on it too!! It has been around this area for over 25 years and it is family owned.

Andreas will be 2yrs old soon!!
Now the home front, the house, UGH!!! I can't seem to catch up. The problem is ME. I know it is because I get so distracted with wanting to finish other things. SO today March 24th, 2012, I am finishing laundry, dishes and whatever else that needs to be put away. I find that having a mess of things creates a mess of things in the rest of your life...I can't have that!! Christopher my husband says he will be working on the house on his day off this week, no that is not right, my butt needs to shift gears, and quick!
I can't be any more happy with my job. It allows me to make a difference in the lives of Military Spouses, Active Duty Members and Veterans, I couldn't have asked for a better company! I will be writing a blog in the next couple days talking to you about my new journey and occupation, and why it means so much to me!! Thank you for reading!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Army Wives":Season 6

I just want to say that the new season is amazing!! IF you have not started watching this season, go and watch it!! The first three episodes can be found on Lifetime.com and I am watching as I type this out!! lol.
Tears, tears & more tears!! This season is gut wrenching! The best part of watching the episodes on Lifetime.com is that they don't jam pack them with commercial after commercial which I appreciate so much. You know I wish I could spill all the beans and tell you all about the episodes but I really want you to go and check them out!!
So is "Army Wives" just like real Army Life??
The show has a lot of suspense and a great story line. Army Life can be like that too...lol. I do believe that the show has hit some great topics:

Loss of a loved one
Military Brats
Feelings of Military Spouses
A Soldier's work schedule
A Man who Represents the Military Spouse
Rank Structure
How Life can change in a heart beat
Unplanned Events
Military Families helping other Military Families out
Spouse Competition
Using Connections (Pulling Rank)

**Just finished Episode 2 and I need a kleenex!! I am telling you, this season is great!!

 So as I was saying, Military life on the show is very dramatic and it can be like that in real life. At my new post it seems like the issues are greater than any other post I have been to. I mean, the freedom of speech is definitely practiced here freely. Some groups are not scensored and some wives have many opinions. I have my own too.
I do wish that I had that circle of friends that is on "Army Wives"...I can say that I have met some wonderful women at each post I have been to, but I have not stayed at one post as long as the ladies on "Army Wives" have. I am sure I would have my own circle too.
I think it's cute when Denise says "Breakfast?" to her husband and he says "I have no time..." THAT IS TRUE....I think sometimes my husband never has time to breathe!

One of my fav groups of Military Wives!!

One thing I have learned through my time as a Military Spouse is that Friendship makes a difference in this lifestyle. I cannot stress that enough. I wish I could say that we all got along as Military Spouses, but we don't. In fact I feel like the strength that we represent is weakening. Most of the bickering I do see is based on difference of opinion. But overall the respect for eachother isn't there. One of the topics above that I mentioned is Spouse Competition...boy is that true!!! Home Businesses here are very competitive, so much that name calling occurs! We should be supporting eachother through our success, not putting eachother down.
Joy cracks me up this season!! If you have been watching her character since the beginning her husband is usually the highest ranking soldier on the show but this season, she has competition and she doesn't enjoy it one bit!! So maybe competing is natural! lol.

Bottom line: One of the lessons I love about the show is that each spouse wants what is best for their soldier...yes with drama involved of course...
Is real Army Life like that too, I can only really speak for myself and I can say that I do want what is best for my soldier...and for my fellow military spouses!!

So go log onto Lifetime.com and go watch the first three episodes!!
Enjoy your Sunday!!

More tears after finishing Episode 3...c'mon I want some happiness already!! LOL!!

Say what!! New episode tonight!! YES!!! Episode 4 here I come!! SUNDAYS 9/8 Central!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Daughter of two Migrant workers...and I am proud!!

I mentioned my parents are an inspiration to me in a recent video and I will say that forever. They are not perfect people but they have taught me so well. They taught me to respect others but stand up for what I believe in. I don't try and go around to disrespect anyone unless they have singled me out or are hurting others. I do defend myself. My parents are true role models for me and I value each lesson they have taught me. Both of my parents are in their 60s and I am the youngest out of their three kids. The one who is furthest from home. I miss spending time with them but I sure make it a point to call them once a week or more because I still need them for advice and pointers.
Let me back track and let you know why I am so proud.
My mother who was born in the United States, was raised in Mexico. She learned much of what she knows from her grandmother and grandfather. At the age of 17 she wanted to come back to the states and travel long distances so she could become a migrant worker. (she wanted to help her family by working).
Migrant Worker:  A person often from out of the country who travels into the United States to work in fields, such as asparagus, fruit, or corn...it can vary. Usually they stay for a few months and then return back to their country.
My mother, father, grandmother, and uncles were all migrant workers in the 60's-70s.
My father used to travel with his mother and brothers up north...(Washington, Wisconsin, Illinois, or New Jersey) to work in the fields. My mother would stay in the North Central part of the country. I love to hear my parents stories on how they made their way up to work. I am so proud of them and admire them. My mother travelled alone at a young age and she taught herself English. Both my father and mother attended school only until the 6th grade in Mexico. (You would never know that unless they told you.)
My father and mother didn't meet in Mexico, in fact, they met in Illinois during a time when they both migrated from Mexico. They were only 18 and 20yrs old at that time. Funny story: after my parents had met they realized that my mother used to shop at the same grocery store my father's mother worked at...they were only blocks from eachother growing up!! That amazes me.
I have a heart for those who come into the country to better their lives. I always hear that immigrants steal, take away from those who work here, and they shouldn't be allowed to reside here. "KICK them out!!"
No, in fact, many migrant workers are HARD workers, that is why the U.S. employs them. My father who is now legally residing in the United States, earned his stay. He has worked his entire life to raise his family, pays taxes and still holds the same job of over 40yrs. He has taught me many things, to stay committed, and if it isn't broken, why fix it?! lol.
My mother has her GED and she went to earn it in a normal English speaking setting (my mother's second language). I told my mom that it is never too late to get your education!! I still say it to some who think they are too old for college. After retiring she is going back to school again!! :)
My father and mother have worked hard their entire lives and deserve all the credit for teaching me to be a responsible adult. I do think I am responsible :)  I have made mistakes, don't get me wrong!!
I am so glad they met too!! A love story I should talk about in another post!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

BBQ in Zero Degrees!!

It is quite possible to have a bbq in cold weather!! My father will bbq even if it raining outside! He loves his bbq grill and while I was home, he made his grilled steak (fajita/carne asada) special!! I love these because the flavor is so unique!! What I normally do when I travel is send my father an apron, you would think I would send my mother one (she cooks wonderfully) but normally it is my dad who sports them whenever he is at the grill. This time it was way too cold for an apron and a tshirt.

Head to your local meat market or Mexican Market and order some "arachera meat." Get the unprepared version. For some reason I do not enjoy the already prepared meat so my father does his own thing:

Slices the meat in pieces 3in X 3in and uses:
Lime Juice, Goya Lemon (yellow top) seasoning, soy sauce, garlic powder, and meat tenderizer.
Typically he will marinate them the night before, this time he only did for the morning. THEY WERE VERY DELICIOUS!!
My father uses a lot of spices to season his meals and I think that has rubbed off on me in many ways. I love seasoning and my cupboard proves it! LOL!! I have many and I keep buying more. I feel if I can season my food with spices that will keep me from pouring salt into it.

If you would like, you can make Mexican/Spanish style rice to go along with the meat and a potato salad!! Enjoy!!

For more recipes, please visit my YT channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SofiaAlejandra9

Let's not forget the drink-------->

Rum Sunrise

Orange Juice
Coconut Rum
Red Grenadine

2 cherries
Slice of Orange

YUM!!!!! Drink responsibly.

Monday, March 5, 2012

A first for my kids: KFC!!

It has been around 4 years since Chris and I have ordered KFC. My boys never had the opportunity to taste it since we lived overseas. We were out and about the other day and wanted to eat some fastfood and we drove right by a KFC and thought, well we haven't had fried chicken in a LONG time, let's go!!!
We went through the drive thru and we didn't even know what to choose. What we wanted they had run out of for the day so we chose, half grilled and half fried...dinner meal at $24.00!! The price for chicken has really increased!! It didn't matter though because, my kids enjoyed every bite of the meal!! I am not into cold slaw...so instead we chose the corn on the cob...I don't think they add enough flavor to it...(I have to alter the flavor of my corn)

Andreas loving it with lipstick on his face!! lol.

I do enjoy their mashed potatoes because of the gravy and the chicken, IS FABULOUS!!

 One of my friends told me to try Popeyes next time...so that is on the list!! I believe there is one on post!!

I had to document the first time my children had eaten KFC...something to write about in their baby books!! lol..Alessandro at 3yrs old and Andreas almost 2!!

KFC is not the greatest meal they could eat as it does have a lot of fattening ingredients in it, but once in a while it is ok to give your children fastfood, since we compensate at home with healthier meals.