Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Army Wives":Season 6

I just want to say that the new season is amazing!! IF you have not started watching this season, go and watch it!! The first three episodes can be found on Lifetime.com and I am watching as I type this out!! lol.
Tears, tears & more tears!! This season is gut wrenching! The best part of watching the episodes on Lifetime.com is that they don't jam pack them with commercial after commercial which I appreciate so much. You know I wish I could spill all the beans and tell you all about the episodes but I really want you to go and check them out!!
So is "Army Wives" just like real Army Life??
The show has a lot of suspense and a great story line. Army Life can be like that too...lol. I do believe that the show has hit some great topics:

Loss of a loved one
Military Brats
Feelings of Military Spouses
A Soldier's work schedule
A Man who Represents the Military Spouse
Rank Structure
How Life can change in a heart beat
Unplanned Events
Military Families helping other Military Families out
Spouse Competition
Using Connections (Pulling Rank)

**Just finished Episode 2 and I need a kleenex!! I am telling you, this season is great!!

 So as I was saying, Military life on the show is very dramatic and it can be like that in real life. At my new post it seems like the issues are greater than any other post I have been to. I mean, the freedom of speech is definitely practiced here freely. Some groups are not scensored and some wives have many opinions. I have my own too.
I do wish that I had that circle of friends that is on "Army Wives"...I can say that I have met some wonderful women at each post I have been to, but I have not stayed at one post as long as the ladies on "Army Wives" have. I am sure I would have my own circle too.
I think it's cute when Denise says "Breakfast?" to her husband and he says "I have no time..." THAT IS TRUE....I think sometimes my husband never has time to breathe!

One of my fav groups of Military Wives!!

One thing I have learned through my time as a Military Spouse is that Friendship makes a difference in this lifestyle. I cannot stress that enough. I wish I could say that we all got along as Military Spouses, but we don't. In fact I feel like the strength that we represent is weakening. Most of the bickering I do see is based on difference of opinion. But overall the respect for eachother isn't there. One of the topics above that I mentioned is Spouse Competition...boy is that true!!! Home Businesses here are very competitive, so much that name calling occurs! We should be supporting eachother through our success, not putting eachother down.
Joy cracks me up this season!! If you have been watching her character since the beginning her husband is usually the highest ranking soldier on the show but this season, she has competition and she doesn't enjoy it one bit!! So maybe competing is natural! lol.

Bottom line: One of the lessons I love about the show is that each spouse wants what is best for their soldier...yes with drama involved of course...
Is real Army Life like that too, I can only really speak for myself and I can say that I do want what is best for my soldier...and for my fellow military spouses!!

So go log onto Lifetime.com and go watch the first three episodes!!
Enjoy your Sunday!!

More tears after finishing Episode 3...c'mon I want some happiness already!! LOL!!

Say what!! New episode tonight!! YES!!! Episode 4 here I come!! SUNDAYS 9/8 Central!!

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  1. Being a Marine Wife, No matter what branch you are in wwe ALL are fighting the same fight! I also LOVE watching army wives! I watch it EVERY sunday!