Thursday, March 8, 2012

BBQ in Zero Degrees!!

It is quite possible to have a bbq in cold weather!! My father will bbq even if it raining outside! He loves his bbq grill and while I was home, he made his grilled steak (fajita/carne asada) special!! I love these because the flavor is so unique!! What I normally do when I travel is send my father an apron, you would think I would send my mother one (she cooks wonderfully) but normally it is my dad who sports them whenever he is at the grill. This time it was way too cold for an apron and a tshirt.

Head to your local meat market or Mexican Market and order some "arachera meat." Get the unprepared version. For some reason I do not enjoy the already prepared meat so my father does his own thing:

Slices the meat in pieces 3in X 3in and uses:
Lime Juice, Goya Lemon (yellow top) seasoning, soy sauce, garlic powder, and meat tenderizer.
Typically he will marinate them the night before, this time he only did for the morning. THEY WERE VERY DELICIOUS!!
My father uses a lot of spices to season his meals and I think that has rubbed off on me in many ways. I love seasoning and my cupboard proves it! LOL!! I have many and I keep buying more. I feel if I can season my food with spices that will keep me from pouring salt into it.

If you would like, you can make Mexican/Spanish style rice to go along with the meat and a potato salad!! Enjoy!!

For more recipes, please visit my YT channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SofiaAlejandra9

Let's not forget the drink-------->

Rum Sunrise

Orange Juice
Coconut Rum
Red Grenadine

2 cherries
Slice of Orange

YUM!!!!! Drink responsibly.

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