Monday, March 12, 2012

Daughter of two Migrant workers...and I am proud!!

I mentioned my parents are an inspiration to me in a recent video and I will say that forever. They are not perfect people but they have taught me so well. They taught me to respect others but stand up for what I believe in. I don't try and go around to disrespect anyone unless they have singled me out or are hurting others. I do defend myself. My parents are true role models for me and I value each lesson they have taught me. Both of my parents are in their 60s and I am the youngest out of their three kids. The one who is furthest from home. I miss spending time with them but I sure make it a point to call them once a week or more because I still need them for advice and pointers.
Let me back track and let you know why I am so proud.
My mother who was born in the United States, was raised in Mexico. She learned much of what she knows from her grandmother and grandfather. At the age of 17 she wanted to come back to the states and travel long distances so she could become a migrant worker. (she wanted to help her family by working).
Migrant Worker:  A person often from out of the country who travels into the United States to work in fields, such as asparagus, fruit, or corn...it can vary. Usually they stay for a few months and then return back to their country.
My mother, father, grandmother, and uncles were all migrant workers in the 60's-70s.
My father used to travel with his mother and brothers up north...(Washington, Wisconsin, Illinois, or New Jersey) to work in the fields. My mother would stay in the North Central part of the country. I love to hear my parents stories on how they made their way up to work. I am so proud of them and admire them. My mother travelled alone at a young age and she taught herself English. Both my father and mother attended school only until the 6th grade in Mexico. (You would never know that unless they told you.)
My father and mother didn't meet in Mexico, in fact, they met in Illinois during a time when they both migrated from Mexico. They were only 18 and 20yrs old at that time. Funny story: after my parents had met they realized that my mother used to shop at the same grocery store my father's mother worked at...they were only blocks from eachother growing up!! That amazes me.
I have a heart for those who come into the country to better their lives. I always hear that immigrants steal, take away from those who work here, and they shouldn't be allowed to reside here. "KICK them out!!"
No, in fact, many migrant workers are HARD workers, that is why the U.S. employs them. My father who is now legally residing in the United States, earned his stay. He has worked his entire life to raise his family, pays taxes and still holds the same job of over 40yrs. He has taught me many things, to stay committed, and if it isn't broken, why fix it?! lol.
My mother has her GED and she went to earn it in a normal English speaking setting (my mother's second language). I told my mom that it is never too late to get your education!! I still say it to some who think they are too old for college. After retiring she is going back to school again!! :)
My father and mother have worked hard their entire lives and deserve all the credit for teaching me to be a responsible adult. I do think I am responsible :)  I have made mistakes, don't get me wrong!!
I am so glad they met too!! A love story I should talk about in another post!!

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