Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Daycare NO NO!!

My Boys!!
 Yesterday I went to go pick up my children from daycare. On this particular day I left both my sons so I could go to a doctor's appointment.
As I arrived, I saw my son outside playing and when he saw me, he was so excited to see me as he waved at me through the fence. I entered the daycare as usual and at that moment I noticed one of the child care providers was man handling a child. A three year old little boy. The boy was crying and the lady ended up plopping him into a chair forcefully. She did not place him down nor did she set him down, she dropped him in mid air and he landed in a chair. I was horrified!!
My immediate response was to grab my children and run out of there. I placed my children into my vehicle and sat there in rage and confusion. I called my husband and tried to get his view on the matter. He didn't answer. As I was waiting I saw in my rear view mirror that the father of the little boy came to pick him up and he was buckling the child into his car seat. I backed up my vehicle as I was thinking about leaving, but I didn't. In mid back up I parked my car and jumped out to approach the father.
I was shaking and about to tear up because I felt so bad for his child. I explained to the father that I witnessed one of the providers man handle his child and drop him into a chair. He was shocked and asked me to identify the lady. I told him who it was and he said that a few minutes before I approached him, he felt uncomfortable as he left the building. He explained to me that his son had waved goodbye to the woman and she did not acknowledge him whatsoever. WHO DOES THAT??
The father told me that his two sons who are exactly my son's ages are foster children. He has taken care of them since they were 4 weeks old. I almost teared up then as he was telling me their story. He is giving them over to a family member in one month...as he was holding back tears himself. I told him I was going to speak to the supervisor about the incident because I do not want it to happen to any other children. No child deserves to be treated that way.
I felt better after telling the father. What I did not like is that one of the other women made an excuse as to why he was forcefully placed in the chair. The little boy had gotten into a fight with a little girl outside on the playground...and so that is why that occurred. That was not good enough for me to let it go.
Later in the evening, the owner of the daycare called me for information and she was very understanding and thanked me for reporting the incident. The woman in question is going for her Bachelor's Degree in Child Care and Development. I hope she learns that she is to never treat a child in that manner. I am not sure if she will still be working at the center but I am now currently looking for a new provider.
What would you have done??

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  1. I would only hope I would have the sincere pleasure of being able to put an end to the childcare provider's behavior. I work in a day care and the things I see, wheew. Lets just say, I treat the children I work with as I would want my own to be treated. Some people, just don't do that.