Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012: A Family Affair!

This year my husband and the family were able to enjoy this holiday together. We wanted to make it extra special. Two years ago, I was in the hospital having my youngest son and I was able to celebrate it with a croissant in the shape of an Easter Bunny. A year ago, we were all in Belgium but Chris had to work. This year was going to be different and we celebrated indeed!! I went shopping at the local Dollar Tree for all the supplies I used for my kid's baskets. They enjoyed them and I don't think it made a difference where the items were purchased!! I try and think of ways to be creative on a budget. (each basket was $8.50 to make!) This years theme was FBI, Military, and Police...fitting as their daddy falls into that category! I like to include a book that will help teach them while they are young. I bought crayons as well in case they wanted to scribble on them...the crayons were a bad idea!! lol.

The day was perfect outside to take pictures, I took advantage!! Especially here in Washington!

The baskets came with a complete FBI kit including glasses!! Loved it!

My 3 year old enjoys bubbles, he must have blown 2 hours worth of bubbles on this day. I am looking forward to more projects that we can do outside, so next it will be sidewalk chalk!! Can't wait to see what they create. For more on how to build a basket on a budget, please click on the video below. The video was sponsored by Martinsburg Institute, an online college for Military Spouses, Active Duty and Veterans!! If you qualify for your MyCAA, take advantage!! Hit the Martinsburg Institute Button on the page for more information or contact me directly anytime!! ----->

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