Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lifetime Moms: "We Just Had to Ask!" Real Military Wives

Lifetime is one of the networks I grew up watching. My mother would watch all of the "Made for TV" movies and they were great, many lessons learned!! As I grew older and now a mother, I also find myself watching Lifetime as well. Not that you have to be a mother to watch!!
I am currently addicted to watching "Army Wives" and "Coming Home."  I CRY every time I watch "Coming Home." Never a dry eye.
Recently, I was contacted by a great friend Krystel (ArmyWife101), she is someone, a military wife, that I look up to. She speaks her mind and that is something that I admire of her. I second guess myself every time I want to record a controversial video or topic and I always ask myself, would Krystel talk freely about this?? And that gives me the courage to do so. She rocks. I mean, she has met the First Lady and Queen Latifah!!
I would like to thank Krystel for emailing me and asking me if I would like to contribute to a mini series that Lifetime put together for their webpage known as Lifetime Moms. It was so much fun recording and quite honestly it made me really nervous to record!! I think you may notice that in the videos!! LOL!!
So thank you LIFETIME as well, the same network I grew up watching...and I am on it, I am so blessed. Krystel Spell (ArmyWife101) and Deborah Miller (debthemakeupnoob) from YT and a good friend of mine, along with myself are all in this series!! You ladies rock and it was so much fun working with you both!! Hugs and High Fives!!

Below are the two links where you can watch the first two videos that have come out so far!!
What is the biggest misconception about Military Wives?

Do you skype sex with your hubby while he is away?

Down in the comment section, feel free to contribute your answers!! I would love to know what you think!!

Thank you again, I enjoyed every minute of this opportunity!!

Lifetime Moms: http://www.lifetimemoms.com/

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