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Martinsburg Institute: I am a student!!

If you have been following me, you know that I do not advocate for subjects or products unless I have tried them myself.

Kid's Fest on Ft.Lewis, WA.

Funny story, I was contacted by a military wife to help her spread the word of an awesome opportunity she had heard about...Martinsburg Institute. I asked her if she could give me the website to the online college and I told her I would put something together to place on my channel. This was last year some time ago. I created a video and from there...the story begins.
A little while ago I was contacted by a wonderful woman who had seen my video and had some questions about it. Initially I thought I was going to be in trouble!! I didn't get the permission to advertise for the school and that is a big no-no if you do not use correct information. I was scared!!
Well, after 7 days I thought, I better pick up the phone and call the nice lady. In a nervous and questionable voice I said "Hello, my name is Sofia, creator of the video you made a comment on."  I waited one second, and on the other end, I heard her voice...state "Hello Sofia, I am so happy that you contacted me." I was relieved.
To make a long story short. I was hired by the online college and I want to share my story with you.

In the last month I have been posting about the college on my Youtube Channel, and some people become skeptical as to whether or not online colleges are a scam. Now I do not do things unless I am 100% behind them. I also like to try out what I am advocating. After some research into the online college, I found out many benefits as to why I would be interested as a student.
Here is what sparked my interest:
*Martinsburg Institute offers 24/7 instructional support...meaning that I could have an issue at 2am and I could get help just by picking up the phone!
*When you pick the phone up and dial student support, instructional or technical support, you get a real person!!
*MyCAA covers the cost of my tuition...I do not pay out of pocket costs because I do qualify for the DOD fund.
*Martinsburg Institute is Accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council. That is one thing that everyone should check when choosing an online college, are they accredited???
*Martinsburg will loan me a laptop to finish my work!
*The courses are less than 6 months!!
*There are 18 different certificates to choose from.
You know I could go on forever about why I am a student. You are more than welcome to call me or contact me anytime if you have been looking for an online college to attend.

After hearing about the college and being offered an opportunity to help other military spouses while getting my certification...I committed to it 100% because I believe in it.

I have received some negative comments suggesting that our college is nothing but another scam. In reality, we are an online college where you will receive support every step of the way. I am currently ahead on my studies because I would love to complete my course before my husband heads out of the country. I forgot to mention, if life gets in the way...Martinsburg Institute will help you with any time you need, just pick up the phone. Martinsburg Institute is not just for Military Spouses. We also serve our Active Duty Service Members and Veterans.

Now what about MyCAA?
In the past few years there was speculation that MyCAA no longer existed. It does and it currently is for those who qualify..Spouses of Service Members E1-E5, O1-O2, and W1-W2. It funds $4,000 to get a certificate with Martinsburg Institute. No out of pocket costs!! You know me, I love a deal!!

Now what if you do not qualify for the MyCAA fund?
Martinsburg Institute offers a Spouse Benefit Program!! Meaning if your spouse is above the paygrades listed above and he or she decides to attend our online college, the spouse gets a complimentary certificate of their choice!! Huh?? Call me for more details!!

Now Sofia, what course are you taking??
I am currently taking Ultimate Sales Skills. I chose this certificate because I have a home business. I currently am an Independent Team Beachbody Coach and it helps me gain the necessary skills to be successful at my home business.

What if I already have a degree??
I currently have a Bachelors degree in Sociology (Emphasis in Criminal Justice) and Foreign Language-Spanish. I chose to get a certificate in Sales Skills because I would benefit from the certificate with my home business and I can add it to my resume. I always suggest to gain a certificate in something that is portable because in this lifestyle you will more likely move around! Overall the certificate will be a benefit...you will not lose. Trust me!

Why are you now working for the online college?
I am working for Martinsburg Institute because I believe in it. After becoming a student I fully understand what they mean by having excellent student satisfaction...because I am satisfied. I love to help military spouses!!! I have the opportunity to work with and work for military spouses!! Our college is ran by military spouses!!! My co-workers understand the difficulties along with the ups and downs of this lifestyle!! We understand what difficulties there may be and the events that may occur while you are in college, so we help you with your journey every step of the way! In my heart, I believe this is where I should be.

My Youtube Channel is there as a support system for those who are entering the military lifestyle, those who are living the lifestyle and those who have retired out of the lifestyle. If there is an opportunity for military spouses, I want to share it.
I am always available for anyone interested in attending Martinsburg Institute or wondering if they qualify for their MyCAA fund. You can call me at 253 341 6087. That is my cell phone. If you are too shy, you can text me!! If you would rather communicate through email please do so: saldama@martinsburginstitute.edu. I check it several times a day.
If you want to chat, find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/273303666042916/#!/profile.php?id=100003629538006   <-----If the link does not work, please use the email above to search!!

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing, chatting, and texting with you!!

If you want to do a one on one on SKYPE or you are located overseas, you can email me and we can schedule a SKYPE appointment. You are NOT exempt to attend if you are living overseas...so by all means, contact me!!!

For more information on our college visit our website: http://www.martinsburginstitute.edu/

If you are an FRG Leader or Key Sponsor/Contact: Email me and I can send you catalogs and flyers!! If you want to set up a SKYPE meeting with a group of spouses, email me!! I will even provide you with pizza!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and allowing me to share why Martinsburg Institute is a good fit for me and you.

If you would like to share my video on a Military Inspired Facebook Group/Page, by all means, share it!! Thank you!!

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