Sunday, April 22, 2012

Who am I, really??

Well, you only get to see what is on my YT channel, Facebook and here on my blog...and well, most of what you see is who I am. For my friends who I get to see in person, you know me!! Or do you?? I am a proud Army Wife...but it doesn't define me.  I learned that many years ago when I divorced from my first husband who was in the Marine Corps. Like many, I thought my identity was a Marine Corps Wife...and it all stopped right there. College had been a huge passion for me when I graduated from High School and that no longer mattered to me when I got married. It was all about supporting my husband. I quit college and worked. Day in and day out, I worked and I was not happy, well until I got the opportunity to work as a Loss Prevention Officer....the excitement in my life had returned. Sure I loved being a Marine Corps Wife, but at that time in my life...friends mattered to me and my ex's friends mattered to him the most too. In fact, that is how he and I ended up as friends, and not husband and wife. We changed.
When we finally decided to separate (emotionally), I was like, wait....who am I now?? I didn't know how to accept that the title was slowly fading away. I was destructive trying to figure out who I was. I was young and I went out A TON!! I mean every weekend I was at the clubs, dancing and having fun with friends....I should have been in college finishing my BA. It didn't matter to me.
When we moved out of California to Colorado, we finally separated (physically) and I moved away from my ex husband. For GOOD. I was 24 years old. That was a shocker to me...I did fight for it...and then I gave up. So did he.
I found myself in an apartment in a city and state where I had no friends. My father said...."honey come home, we will rent a moving truck and bring you home." My father wanted me home to resume life as if, I had never left...but that wasn't me anymore and I needed to find my way on my own. I left my marriage with $300.00 in my pocket and a check my parents mailed to me, $600.00 to pay for the first month's rent... I had thirty days to figure out what I was going to do with my life.....the best thing in my life during that time....I had school, I was back in college. I was also working again as a Loss Prevention Officer. I was ok. I had my moments of being lonely and depressed. I am not going to lie. It was rough. I wouldn't change it ever.
I was living on my own and had to start over. I considered it a fresh start.
So what does a girl do when they are all alone??? They find themselves. Slowly, but surely I FOUND myself. I LOVED myself....but I did have an empty feeling in my heart at all times.

I am a Libra, I have a tattoo to prove it!

I slowly regained my confidence as I started making friends, going out and then I met my friend Charlene in college, we bonded as if we were friends since grade school. I consider her a sister now. She is so smart, funny, and understanding. She is in the Navy and I am so proud.
In my mind I had a pin board, let's just say it was much like Pinterest, except boards that had captions, of "future goals" "relationship expectations" "hobbies" "passions" "failures" "dreams"....I knew exactly what I wanted in a man, in fact I will label that one now... "Chris." I knew exactly how I wanted to be treated. I knew exactly what I deserved...but most of all I accepted that life was going to move on no matter what. I failed at my marriage. I accepted it...moved on.

Christopher found me during a time when I wanted nothing to do with a relationship. He will tell you that. I figured I was going to move home...since I figured out who I was....I WAS WRONG. There was much more the MAN upstairs had planned for me. I stayed in Colorado....for one month after I graduated with my BA....Why??
The MAN upstairs sent me...Christopher. At the exact moment I had figured myself out...I loved myself...it was now time for someone else to love me...I suppose. I mean that is what happened. lol.

7 days.

7 days into meeting Chris...he changed my life forever...I met the man of my dreams and I knew it, I just fought it for a second....literally...I FELL IN LOVE. I mean really FELL in LOVE...
So who am I? I am divorced...from the military....Re-married to the military...completely unplanned. I am myself when you catch me online, on a video, on the phone. I am proud of my accomplishments and not ashamed of my mistakes. I am raw. I love to laugh and joke around. I am faithful to my marriage and believe in it 1,000 billion %. I stand by military spouses, I believe we are ALL more than that. I don't define myself only based on that, but I am fully proud of it.
Chris asks..."how would you feel if I got out of the military?" I am not scared. I know who I am and I know we will succeed. I accept that challenge and I will stand by him if he decides it isn't for him anymore. I love this lifestyle but it would be okay with me...to let it go, because most importantly, I know who I am. I AM MORE than a MILITARY Spouse....
I am Sofia, daughter, sister, cousin...mother of three, wife of an American Soldier...student, Military and Spouse Admissions Representative, well traveled, Beachbody Coach, enjoy food, Military Supporter all the way, Mexican-American, Zumba expert on Wii, love Lady Gaga and Prince, and much more....I am me. Oh, yeah...I do plan on doing more...you just hold on to your pants!

Day 1 on Youtube. lol.

Nice to meet you.

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  1. Its nice to meet you Sofia Alejandra!

  2. Nice to meet you Sofia - can't wait to get to know you better :)

    1. Aww thnk you!! I hope to blog way more than I have been!! :)