Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Two Men in My Life.

My father with my youngest boy Andreas.

I have two great men in my life and they are my father and my husband. My father who I look up to greatly has inspired me so much in my life. Now that I have gotten older, the memories just flood my brain...and I love it, but yet miss those moments. My father I am almost sure is wearing a bbq apron and manning a grill on this very day. I can always remember his great bbq's, laughter, and jokes. He jokes about getting old and a part of me is sad because he is getting older, but I am still learning his lessons. Just the other day, I woke up and made the kids French toast with banana shakes for breakfast. Kayla my step daughter said, "wow Mom, it is so great that you wake up and make us a warm breakfast, I just love that about you." I learned that from my dad. My father would wake up every morning after staying up working late the day before just so we would have a warm breakfast every morning before school. French toast and banana shakes was my favorite. He drove us to school every day and picked us up. When we would come home, he had already prepared dinner just so when my mom would get home she would only worry about making sides to complete our meals. Then he would head to work. He was and still is a strong working man in his 60s. He has been at his job for over 35 years!! He is very dedicated to taking care of his family. My father is not perfect but he is pretty close and I have learned so much from him. On this Father's Day I have been remembering all the great moments. He helped my mother any chance he would get, taking care of our cars, the lawn and anything else that needed to be fixed. He even worked on our roof one Summer just to make sure the job was done right. I see a lot of my father in my husband now and I just smile anytime he reminds me of it.

I always think, "just like my dad." My husband takes care of our cars, the lawn and anything that needs to be fixed. He takes care of his family like my father took care of his. It is no wonder that my father has loved my husband like a son since the day they met. I am thankful for that. My father once told me since meeting Chris that he is now at peace with leaving the earth knowing his daughter would be taken care of...which brought tears to my eyes. My father was never a person to get on a plane to travel, the first time was when he flew to meet Chris and see me graduate from College, it meant so much to me. He said he would do anything for me just so that I was happy, and I was so excited. He now flies and I am proud of him.

Dancing with my father, a Sunday must.

Chris is my rock. He is my excitement and laughter as cheesy as that sounds. He takes care of us with no hesitation. He does everything for us. On this Father's Day, Chris is at ALC, (School) but was able to go to a Cardinal's game with a few other guys to enjoy the day. He deserves it. I will be able to see Chris in a few weeks so I can't wait. He did have one small request: A Giant's Tshirt....that was it. And of course I am going to start shopping now for it. Chris is an amazing father ever since he was at the young age of 17. He made sacrifices but he says it was worth it because his daughter was and still is taken care of. He worked really hard to get to where he is today...I am proud of him. Chris has been there for his sons since the day they were born, we have been lucky that he hasn't been deployed since then. I know it is coming up soon. He has watched his boys learn and he has taught them so much. His father would be super proud. So on this day, please remember the memories and the men that you are proud of today. I can't be with the two men in my life, but I sure do remember all the great times...funny thing is, they are both in the midwest, only 6 hours from eachother. I am sure, both watching MLB baseball, eating peanuts, while enjoying a cold one.

My two boys have two great men to look up to, who needs Superman when they have Grandpa and Daddy??

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