Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Challenging Myself

My husband has gone to NTC and we have zero communication right now. It is a first for us...he has been gone to training before but with full telephone and internet access. Well not this time. I am alright!

I don't mean to sound overly happy because I do miss him. What helps me get through the days without him here is having a few things to do during the day that will keep me occupied, besides my children of course!
This month I decided to post 30 pictures on Instagram (SofiaAlejandra9) doing the Military Spouse Photo a Day Challenge. I also opted to film and upload 30 videos for 30 days this month!!!! Why??
Making videos takes time but not only that...it gives me something to put my creativity towards. When Chris gets back, I am going to be focusing on spending quality time with him before he leaves...
So there it is...my challenge! I am on Day 4 and it feels good!! Although on Sunday I ran into so many filming difficulties and editing problems!! AHH!
To film in my household...it takes for my children to be occupied, playing nicely. I usually film with at least one of my boys right next to me or just a few feet away. Usually it is done in the living room where I can sit and watch a movie with them as I edit...multi-tasking!! It has been hard!!
If you have any suggestions or maybe have a topic you would like to me to do, please leave it in the comment section below!! I am sorry I have neglected my blog. I will be writing more because I realize that there are some things that need to get on paper (screen) as I find the strength before my husband gets on that plane...more to come!!

Side Note: At NTC it is often true that some soldiers do not take showers for DAYS!!!!

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