Saturday, October 13, 2012

Too Good For Off-Brands

Growing up my family didn't buy off brands of any kind. Our detergent was Tide, our cereal was Kellogg's, and our meat was top of the line. Some families believe that the quality is lacking in off brands...and that might be the case. My husband grew up the opposite. They were brought up on off brands.
Now that I have a family and knowing that the cost of food continues to rise, I have turned to off brand food, detergent, clothing and other items (thrifting). I am not embarrassed by any means. I am actually quite proud. When my family and I were stationed in Belgium, we bought everything at the commissary and we bought whatever we wanted. We really didn't look at price since we were getting really good COLA (Cost of Living Allowance). We threw whatever we wanted in the shopping cart. Of course back then I was a coupon queen so we did save money on the popular brands. Now that we are back in the U.S. I have stopped couponing. I am not sure why but maybe because I found a different way to shop. Buying off brands!
I shop at Winco Foods here in WA, and I rather shop here than go to the commissary on post. Winco Foods has saved me a lot of money and they don't tax on food!!! Say what?? I buy a lot of their store brand (HyTop) and the flavor of the food is not any different than the name brand. I have also started comparing the ingredients and they are the same!! I have learned to save money shopping this way. Not only do I save money buying off brands but they have a bulk section where you can buy grains, spices, pasta, candy, and so many other things by the pound. I can get a pound of Parmesan cheese for $3.28.  

Winco Foods is a dream come true!! If you get the opportunity to shop at one, take advantage!!
Back to the lesson at hand. Don't be afraid to try off brands, you might be surprised. 85% of my pantry is now off brands and I am proud to say it. Down below I have included a video on how I shop and save money!! Thank you for visiting my blog!!

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  1. I wish we had one of those here.. I have a choice.. WalMart or Krogers, my grocery bill is out of control and this girl is looking forward to being able to use a commissary again! Keep up the great work, saving money and providing for your family is a great benefit and obviously its working!