Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Voo Doo Doughnuts Put A Spell On Me!!

Sprinkles, chocolate, pretzels, cream-filled, cereal, candy, bacon and more!!

They weren't kidding when they said these were one of the best doughnuts on earth!! Every bite was ORGASMIC!! Can I say that here??

Voo Doo Doughnut can be found in Portland, Oregon. We went to another marriage retreat over the weekend and we had heard that this place was wonderful for the most weirdest food combinations on a doughnut ever! <---Run-on sentence.

I ordered my doughnut with bacon on it...BACON!! Bacon with maple syrup flavored frosting. Pure heaven in every bite. Well because I love bacon!! Needless to say, for a "Voo Doo" inspired creation, I will have to go and buy some similar doughnuts and fry up some bacon anytime I crave a doughnut for the rest of my life.

Christopher opted for the VOO DOO classic doughnut. Shaped into a VOO DOO doll!! Neat! The thing about this doughnut, it has blood-red jelly inside of it. Now that was a surprise! (As Seen Above)

The boys each received a Cap'n Crunch Doughnut. My oldest devoured it in seconds!

The moral of the story. This completely went against my "diet" but for these doughnuts, I would cheat any day!!

For a little history about Voo Doo Doughnut please visit:

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I didn't get to try their ale but I imagine it would taste wonderful, not sure about the burps afterwards!
Bacon Maple Ale

Thursday, November 1, 2012

DIY and Thrifted Halloween Costumes!!

Chris and I have decided that every Halloween we are going to try and dress up all the same and not only that,but, go to the thrift store to find outfits!! Putting together an outfit is really fun because it causes a person to use their creativity. Alessandro, our three year old, gave us the idea to become pirates so that is how it all got started.
Chris had to dress up twice this year because last week his company had a Trunk or Treat and he had to be a Native American Indian. I made his costume for that event!! It was really simple!!

Chris on the far left! He is the chief!!

Chris' costume was super easy. I bought a 2XL tshirt from Walmart for $5.47 and cut the bottom and sleeves and wrapped a piece of the left over fabric around as a belt. I bought some dark brown sweat pants for $6.97 and a wig for $5.97 that I later re-used!! The feathers were only $1.00 at Walmart and his head gear is all construction paper that I had laying around the house. The costume was very last minute.

Halloween Part 2 consisted of a lot of AAAAARGGGGH's!!! As soon as we  decided we would all be pirates, we headed to the Goodwill to find costumes. We went to two different ones.

My costume was $5.99!! Score!!! Ok so I splurged on the socks, those were $7.99 but I did re-use that black wig from Chris' costume!!
I used the costume twice this year so I believe I got my money's worth!!

Alessandro's red jacket we found at Goodwill for $4.99 and his accessories were $4.00! The rest of his costume was found with things we already had at the house!  Not too bad!
Andreas' shirt we found at the Goodwill for $1.99 and his sword was $1.99, SCORE!!!

After we had both boys dressed up they more or less looked like Jack Sparrow and Will Turner from Pirates of the Carribbean but Alessandro insisted on being Captain Hook!

All in all, this Halloween was a blast!! For more about our Halloween, please visit my channel!!