Saturday, December 29, 2012

21 Days and Christmas

Twenty One Days Gone and Passed...

Ok seriously, I have an app on my phone that counts down the amount of time left until his Home Coming...we are already done with 8%!!

Today I plan to put together a video outlining our last three weeks of our experience with deployment. The ups and downs, what I have learned and what I continue to learn. I will also be answering some of the questions I have been asked so far.

Chris says this deployment has been quite a challenge, something about this one that makes it different than the rest. I am lucky to say that we have had pretty good communication in the last 3 weeks but that is about to change. I expected that. I am ok with it because I am confident we will do well. We will be counting on snail mail!! I have already written a few letters.

This week I will be putting together his first care package. What to send? I have only gathered what he couldn't take with him and I plan on shopping for snacks. I don't think he minds as long as he gets something from home. My boys have made drawings and notes to send to daddy. PICTURES are important, so I am sending a lot of those. Luckily, in this day in age, computers can save pictures, so of course I have been emailing him a ton.

We had a wonderful holiday. My friends came over for a potluck dinner and it turned out to be so much fun!! Charades and Mad Gab were some of the games we played! I am so lucky that I was able to spend it with them.

I compiled some clips of our holiday celebration in a video to send to Chris, he enjoyed it!

Pictures down below!! Video Link as well!

Thank you for your continued support, your words inspire me!

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