Thursday, December 20, 2012

Almost Two Weeks In

It has been almost two weeks since I have seen my husband!! Already! Ok so I wish it were that easy to shout out because some days drag on and on.
Lately, I have been asked so many questions concerning Chris' deployment. First one that was asked: "It must be hard around the holidays without your husband?"
-Why yes of course it is hard. I just can't harp on it too much because my kids will notice that mommy is not happy.
Another question: "Can you call your husband while he is out there?"
-No, I cannot call him. I wish I could though but his service has been suspended and we opted out of getting a phone plan to call back and forth. For good reason, it is pricey!! Chris and I have Iphones and the great thing about those is that if there is WiFi anywhere around him, he can send me IMessages! Awesome! Not only that but we can also Skype.
So what about Skype??
Chris and I have been able to communicate on Skype for the past couple of weeks but it has become less and less that I have been able to communicate with him at all. I am not angry over that at all. I am happy that he calls when he can.

Another Question: Is he going to come home on R&R? R&R is not available for him as he is on a 9 month tour. Maybe more or less...we don't know.

The thing about deployments is that they can change in so many ways. Length, location, and all other kinds of changes. You have to expect changes at any given time.

These past couple of weeks I have been focused on getting our bills and things in order. I have been making sure that things are running as smooth as possible so Chris has close to nothing to worry about. That is what military spouses do while their soldier is away...on top of many other things.

How do you feel?
Emotionally, I wake up feeling good but at night when it is just me and the silence in the house, the loneliness creeps up. I have insomnia on some nights but because my children really keep me busy, I have fallen asleep around 8pm some nights! Love songs and romantic movies are a NO for now.

If you have any questions on anything, preparing, what to do with your kids, etc. don't hesistate to ask!!

Thank you for reading my blog!! New video to come on my channel on the first 2 weeks of Chris' deployment!!

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  1. Love this blog im glad you are dealing with our deployment. Keep it up lover.