Saturday, November 16, 2013

Update: October In Five Paragraphs!

So much has happened since I last wrote a blog!!
More and more I have been really neglecting this blog and I don't feel great about that at all because you all deserve way more than I am giving.
Today's entry is going to be an update.
On October 18th, 2013, Chris and I went to his Military Police Ball. It was pretty fun except for one small thing...a female sitting at our table was completely intoxicated before the event began! Awkward. Besides that, everything went smooth! I have always wondered, do Military Balls ever have child care provided?? It is sad that some couples can't attend because they can't find childcare, we were lucky that friends of ours volunteered to take our boys! Thanks Gracy! Side note: the dress I planned on wearing to the ball didn't fit me so the morning of, I was out searching for one! I found this maroon sparkly one! ($29.99) Ross Stores.
The boys finished their season of soccer already! It was only 6 weeks long. They are naturals and they love the sport. I don't have any experience playing soccer. Chris volunteered to coach their season and he loved it! They are currently in basketball now. We want them to try everything until they find their passion, although they are pretty passionate about everything! I want to start them on Zumba!!
October is long gone but wanted to add that we went to a couple of pumpkin patches, they had SOOOO MANY pumpkins! (Duh!) We bought 17lbs worth and we didn't even carve them!! Life got busy during Halloween. The kids decided they wanted to be minions for Halloween and we ended up thrifting their costumes and a really nice Military Spouse here at Fort Lewis crocheted their minion hats! They were excited! I am a Latina, that is pretty obvious! We were invited to a Halloween party and Chris and I needed last minute costumes. We decided on CHOLOS! I've never really been around the CHOLO community but I thought it would be lots of fun. Luckily our other friends dressed up as cholos as well so we did not feel out of place whatsoever!
How could I forget!! Chris and I threw our very first house party! On Nov 2nd, 2013, we invited around 20 couples and had a DJ'd costume party. Chris was our DJ. Ooooh, Tiffany (trustarr6) from YouTube attended our party, so if you do not follow her yet, please go check her out! Another Military Spouse stationed at JBLM (Fort Lewis, WA). I was a pirate wench for the party even though I really wanted to be Morticia from Addams Family. On Nov 3rd, 2013, my son Alessandro turned 5 years old!! I have been asked if he will be attending Kindergarten this year but he missed the age cutoff date. He has been continuously asking to go to school. Next year for sure.
I don't want to neglect my blog so I am going to be better at posting, even if it is a small update. For more on what we are up to, please follow me on my YouTube/SofiaAlejandra9 or on my Instagram at SofiaAlejandra9. Thank you so much for your continued support since I have started my blog and channel! It means so much to me!! Look out for more shortly!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

We Bought A House!

Twenty months ago we were given orders to move to Washington State. I had never been so this was going to be a whole new experience. So now that we have lived here for a little while we have grown to love the area and the state. We are close enough to drive back to California where Chris is originally from and still has family who resides there.  It is a little far from where I am from, Illinois. I was happy when we found out that we were approved for a loan but when I started thinking about how far I would be from my parents, I started feeling really sad and home sick. I have been away from home going on eleven years! I try and go home at least once a year but this stretch has been as long as we have lived here in Washington. I need a dose of my parents soon!
We are in the final days waiting to close on our home and I should be feeling super excited...but instead I am so overwhelmed that I have virtually shutdown both mentally and physically. I don't have the energy to do anything but think about how much we have to do in the next week. If you viewed my last video posted on YouTube, you would have found out that we hit a SNAG in our closing. I lost one page of my legal separation to my ex husband and I thought I would never need it. ONE page that I spent one week looking for in all of our paperwork and it is MISSING!!
I was so jumbled up with paperwork that I had forgotten where I had gotten my divorce! I sent a record request to the wrong court house about two weeks ago! I received a letter in the mail stating that there wasn't a record found in my previous name!! I was so mad at the court forgetting that it was my fault the entire time. (I felt like a moron!)
So this past week I was finally able to get in contact with the right court house and hopefully by Monday August 26th, 2013, I will have my legal separation in my hands! We want to close by Tuesday!!
I have been speaking to my mom a lot and that has been helping, her voice has a way of calming me down and reassuring me that everything will work out. I trust her.
We should be closing in about four days if all goes as planned! I am so happy, I've never owned my own home and this gives me hope that we will be settled at least for the next couple of years.
I have received a really great question lately from many of my friends, is your husband getting out of the military??
I can understand why they would ask, the military moves us at least every three years, so why purchase a home??
Spanaway Lake, Near Our New Home
Financially speaking, owning our own home will save us money because our rent is more than our mortgage with all taxes and insurance combined. Chris and I believe that owning is a great investment for our future. Don't get me wrong, it took us about 18 months to decide whether or not we would even start looking at homes. Another reason why we wanted to buy is to give me a chance to really start moving into the next phase of my life. I say my life because I have put my career on hold for about 6 years now. I had always worked full time and gone to school full time before we moved overseas. I want to use my degree. It's really that simple. I've had school loans and paying those were a struggle, Chris has helped me so much. I want to start working to help put us back where we should be. I am blessed to say that whatever I make ($$) is only going to be extra, but the extra will help me feel like I am contributing in my own way. I know it sounds silly right? I am happy that I am a Stay At Home Mother, I am fortunate that I can choose to be that. I want to contribute in another way and take some pressure off my husband. In answer to the question, as of right now Christopher is still in the military for at least another two-three years, he hasn't for sure decided if he is continuing on, but if he chooses to leave the military, at least we will feel much better about it if I am working. I hope that makes sense.
The military has been talking about not moving soldiers as often as they used to, with budget cuts, they want to at least keep soldiers at their duty station for 3-4 years. We are hopeful that we will be here in Washington for the next three years and if by then if Christopher decides to leave the military, then we will at least have a roof over our heads. God has a plan for all of us, crossing our fingers everything works out!

In case you missed the video talking about our Home and the VA Loan, click on the video below!

Have a wonderful day! I will be updating a lot more here!

Friday, July 26, 2013

NOOOO!! Red Liquid Stains In The Carpet!

About two weeks ago Chris and I found out that we will be moving in about 6 weeks!! Our rental company informed us that we would have to pay $280.00 to shampoo our carpets. NO WAY! We don't have too much to clean up but there has been a stubborn stain in our carpet that has been there for 17 months. It happened shortly after we moved into our rental home and I tried everything to take out that stain.
I have been addicted to Pinterest lately and I decided that I would look on there for a miracle, after all, Pinterest is awesome for all kinds of things!

I filmed the whole process of taking out the red stain and posted it to my Youtube channel or you can click on the video below:

I filmed the entire process and the results were AMAZING!!

If you have any stubborn red liquid stains in your carpet, try this method!! There are other types of products you can use but Dawn Liquid Soap seemed like the safest method to me. I researched ammonia but the carpet in the example had lightened way too much. Happy Cleaning!!

Down below is a photo after I repeated the process three times. You can repeat as many times as you would like until you're satisfied.

Not too bad for DO IT YOURSELF

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Deployment: Winding Down Finally!

We are less than three weeks before Chris returns from Afghanistan. I can't believe it!!
On Youtube I didn't allow myself to show most of my sad moments but I did have plenty. I am not sure if it shows weakness or vulnerability, but now I wish I had. My audience on my Youtube channel are very much my friends and who better than to show them my true feelings about the deployment. I suppose I wanted to be strong and more determined than anything.
Chris' deployment was cut short and I prayed and prayed that it would happen since the day he left. I felt strongly that he would be back sooner than later and it happened just the way I envisioned.
Now that the deployment is winding down, I keep getting anxious. True anxiety over it! I am nervous and I know I am not the first military wife to think this: "Is he going to feel the same way about me when he returns?"
The time difference between us was such a challenge and it got the best of my emotions. I GET CRABBY WHEN I AM TIRED...there is no denying that at all. Chris called me around 11pm most nights and by that time, I was a bit exhausted but I didn't choose to change our time to communicate, I would have been up at 4am if that was the only opportunity we had to talk.
Now that he will be returning, I have instead been in a hole. All the emotions I felt when he left are returning one by one. I am frustrated, angry, clueless, scared, worried, and so many more. I should be happy most of all. WHAT IS HAPPENING?? Chris and I had a few minor hiccups in the last week and they all could have been prevented if I wasn't so emotional or sensitive. Anyone else go through these rough patches towards the end of deployment??
I have been trying to keep busy but it hasn't helped. I find myself thinking and thinking about what his arrival is going to be like. What dress am I going to wear? Is the house going to be up to par? <--- I let this one go.
The most important thing to do now is to relax, calm myself down and take a breath. He is almost home!!! It is an overwhelming feeling.
If you are going through a deployment and have had to work through your feelings, please any advice would help down below in the comment section.
I want to hold it together.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sunshine and Lawn Work

Today it was beautiful!! The sun was out and that always gives me the motivation to head outdoors. The sunshine only got me to my front yard as I decided to go ahead and rake all of the leaves that had fallen this past Winter and Fall. I didn't mind it at all.
One of my first memories with Chris was that of raking leaves and cleaning up the yard at his old home. I miss that Chris is not here to help because I know how much pride he takes in his lawn. The pride reminds me of my father so much. My father mows, trims the bushes and waters the yard all Summer long and Chris is the same. Now that he is deployed, I mowed the lawn for the first time this year. I couldn't wait to do it. Something about a freshly mowed lawn makes me happy. It could be the way the grass smells after it is mowed, or the fact that Spring is very near.
Today I figured it would be perfect to trim the front bushes and clean it up. I had fun doing it because both my boys were eager to help me. (Of course, helping meant they were spreading the leaves around more.) All in all, I got it all done and even added the $1.00 decor I had found at the Dollar Tree. Hopefully those do not disappear as theft has been a huge issue in our little neighborhood. The next five days are expected to be rainy and gloomy so I am so happy I took advantage of the rays. Oh and not to mention the natural vitamins sunlight provides!
As you can see by the picture, the bushes were out of control!!! Less bushes means more sunlight, and more sunlight means less lighting. Saving money on electricity! Win Win!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Vandalism or Vehicle Search?

You would think that I would get to the know the neighbors because there was a neighborhood block party or potluck, but not this time. I am getting to know my neighbors because I am walking door to door notifying them that there is someone in the neighborhood breaking into cars and I WANT THEM CAUGHT!!!

I shouldn't be going at this alone. I don't want to be a victim again...I say again because this sort of thing happened to Chris and I in November. Chris' car window was smashed in one night but nothing was stolen out of his vehicle. Believe me, there was enough in there that could have been a good payday. But no, nothing was taken.
Today my neighbor came right over to let me know that her van was ransacked, no shattered windows or anything, just ransacked. My first question to her: "was your car locked?" She said yes. YES?? There wasn't any damage done to her vehicle and someone got in.
Later in the afternoon something told me to go and check my vehicle. I am very paranoid so I double check everything to make sure it's locked. My car, doors, windows, I mean everything. Last night was no different. As I proceeded to open the driver side door of my vehicle, it was open. Not to mention it had been ransacked.
I don't leave my purse inside my car or expensive items, except for two things, my son's dvd player and my husband's flashlight. Neither was taken. Nothing valuable was stolen from my vehicle. So what is it that they are looking for?? Drugs, weapons, money?? I have no idea and it is killing me trying to figure it out. I did bring everything that had any value inside.

My neighbor had an expensive GPS and some headphones in her car in plain view, and they were left on her passenger side seat. WEIRD!!

Things like these freak me out for one reason only, what's their motive? If they can break into my car when it is locked, what can they do when I am not at my residence??

I am super paranoid. I am researching online for a great car alarm and  I am going to go a step further and install some security lights in the back and front of my house.

One day that person will be caught if enough people are looking out. If it is someone inside our community, shame on them. So for now, I am keeping an eye out for suspicious vehicles and people.

Who would have thought filing a police report wouldn't involve seeing a police officer face to face. I was told to file a report online and that would be it. Come on, dust for finger prints or something!!! Yeah, right.

When your husband is a half world away and these things happen you can either be scared shit-less or do something to make the situation better. I plan to change what is happening in our neighborhood.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Update: 40 Days Down

Every night I think "wow, I survived another day." Ok c'mon mommies, you understand right? I have two, small, very active boys and I am exhausted by 6pm. So by this time I am ready for my Chai Latte...I am addicted.

It has been 40 days and a lot has happened. Chris is finally settled into his room in Afghanistan. Meaning, I can start sending him mail. I've already sent him three care packages, mostly packed with snacks since the FOB he is at does not have a shoppette or small exchange.

A couple days ago I went shopping at the Dollar Tree and I found TONS of things for care packages! I should have started shopping there from the start! What was I thinking??

So while Chris has been gone, our car has been registered (by mail). I have waited around for almost two months thinking I was to register the car myself. The dealership didn't tell me that we would be registered in CA and not WA. Thanks! LOL! (It's funny now) I put the plates on myself...impressive right?

My dog had to be taken to the vet. I did not realize that it has been almost a year since we moved from Europe to WA!! Time does fly by!! My dog is flea free which is great because WA is one of the worst states for fleas (the Vet said that). He looks nice too because he was groomed!

I have been keeping busy by doing projects around the house using the most minimum spending as I can. So far I have hung some pictures in my dining room and decorated my downstairs bathroom and den.

The thing I feel bad about is watching so much TV and Netflix! I have watched so many B-Rated movies and romance comedies, my gosh! I also have a schedule of what TV shows I like to watch and on what days! Now that is embarrassing!

Overall, the boys and I are doing well. Trying to do projects with them and color a lot! I will be posting more videos on my channel as I gather my thoughts and ideas. Thank you for supporting me always and for reading my blog!!