Thursday, January 17, 2013

Update: 40 Days Down

Every night I think "wow, I survived another day." Ok c'mon mommies, you understand right? I have two, small, very active boys and I am exhausted by 6pm. So by this time I am ready for my Chai Latte...I am addicted.

It has been 40 days and a lot has happened. Chris is finally settled into his room in Afghanistan. Meaning, I can start sending him mail. I've already sent him three care packages, mostly packed with snacks since the FOB he is at does not have a shoppette or small exchange.

A couple days ago I went shopping at the Dollar Tree and I found TONS of things for care packages! I should have started shopping there from the start! What was I thinking??

So while Chris has been gone, our car has been registered (by mail). I have waited around for almost two months thinking I was to register the car myself. The dealership didn't tell me that we would be registered in CA and not WA. Thanks! LOL! (It's funny now) I put the plates on myself...impressive right?

My dog had to be taken to the vet. I did not realize that it has been almost a year since we moved from Europe to WA!! Time does fly by!! My dog is flea free which is great because WA is one of the worst states for fleas (the Vet said that). He looks nice too because he was groomed!

I have been keeping busy by doing projects around the house using the most minimum spending as I can. So far I have hung some pictures in my dining room and decorated my downstairs bathroom and den.

The thing I feel bad about is watching so much TV and Netflix! I have watched so many B-Rated movies and romance comedies, my gosh! I also have a schedule of what TV shows I like to watch and on what days! Now that is embarrassing!

Overall, the boys and I are doing well. Trying to do projects with them and color a lot! I will be posting more videos on my channel as I gather my thoughts and ideas. Thank you for supporting me always and for reading my blog!!


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