Saturday, February 9, 2013

Vandalism or Vehicle Search?

You would think that I would get to the know the neighbors because there was a neighborhood block party or potluck, but not this time. I am getting to know my neighbors because I am walking door to door notifying them that there is someone in the neighborhood breaking into cars and I WANT THEM CAUGHT!!!

I shouldn't be going at this alone. I don't want to be a victim again...I say again because this sort of thing happened to Chris and I in November. Chris' car window was smashed in one night but nothing was stolen out of his vehicle. Believe me, there was enough in there that could have been a good payday. But no, nothing was taken.
Today my neighbor came right over to let me know that her van was ransacked, no shattered windows or anything, just ransacked. My first question to her: "was your car locked?" She said yes. YES?? There wasn't any damage done to her vehicle and someone got in.
Later in the afternoon something told me to go and check my vehicle. I am very paranoid so I double check everything to make sure it's locked. My car, doors, windows, I mean everything. Last night was no different. As I proceeded to open the driver side door of my vehicle, it was open. Not to mention it had been ransacked.
I don't leave my purse inside my car or expensive items, except for two things, my son's dvd player and my husband's flashlight. Neither was taken. Nothing valuable was stolen from my vehicle. So what is it that they are looking for?? Drugs, weapons, money?? I have no idea and it is killing me trying to figure it out. I did bring everything that had any value inside.

My neighbor had an expensive GPS and some headphones in her car in plain view, and they were left on her passenger side seat. WEIRD!!

Things like these freak me out for one reason only, what's their motive? If they can break into my car when it is locked, what can they do when I am not at my residence??

I am super paranoid. I am researching online for a great car alarm and  I am going to go a step further and install some security lights in the back and front of my house.

One day that person will be caught if enough people are looking out. If it is someone inside our community, shame on them. So for now, I am keeping an eye out for suspicious vehicles and people.

Who would have thought filing a police report wouldn't involve seeing a police officer face to face. I was told to file a report online and that would be it. Come on, dust for finger prints or something!!! Yeah, right.

When your husband is a half world away and these things happen you can either be scared shit-less or do something to make the situation better. I plan to change what is happening in our neighborhood.


  1. I hope it's just somebody being annoying or some children :( That's actually scary.

  2. Good for you for taking some ACTION! Too many people would just do nothing, stay scared, and wait for the next invasion.

    That is so bizarre that they aren't stealing anything, but just going through the vehicles. It's like they are just trying to instill fear or something? Or, like you said, looking solely for weapons or cash? People suck. I'm sorry this is happening but hopefully something will turn up soon and they will be caught.

    I'm a new blogger and follower, looking forward to reading more from your blog!