Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sunshine and Lawn Work

Today it was beautiful!! The sun was out and that always gives me the motivation to head outdoors. The sunshine only got me to my front yard as I decided to go ahead and rake all of the leaves that had fallen this past Winter and Fall. I didn't mind it at all.
One of my first memories with Chris was that of raking leaves and cleaning up the yard at his old home. I miss that Chris is not here to help because I know how much pride he takes in his lawn. The pride reminds me of my father so much. My father mows, trims the bushes and waters the yard all Summer long and Chris is the same. Now that he is deployed, I mowed the lawn for the first time this year. I couldn't wait to do it. Something about a freshly mowed lawn makes me happy. It could be the way the grass smells after it is mowed, or the fact that Spring is very near.
Today I figured it would be perfect to trim the front bushes and clean it up. I had fun doing it because both my boys were eager to help me. (Of course, helping meant they were spreading the leaves around more.) All in all, I got it all done and even added the $1.00 decor I had found at the Dollar Tree. Hopefully those do not disappear as theft has been a huge issue in our little neighborhood. The next five days are expected to be rainy and gloomy so I am so happy I took advantage of the rays. Oh and not to mention the natural vitamins sunlight provides!
As you can see by the picture, the bushes were out of control!!! Less bushes means more sunlight, and more sunlight means less lighting. Saving money on electricity! Win Win!!

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  1. It looks great! Starting to look a lot like spring these days! :)