Friday, July 26, 2013

NOOOO!! Red Liquid Stains In The Carpet!

About two weeks ago Chris and I found out that we will be moving in about 6 weeks!! Our rental company informed us that we would have to pay $280.00 to shampoo our carpets. NO WAY! We don't have too much to clean up but there has been a stubborn stain in our carpet that has been there for 17 months. It happened shortly after we moved into our rental home and I tried everything to take out that stain.
I have been addicted to Pinterest lately and I decided that I would look on there for a miracle, after all, Pinterest is awesome for all kinds of things!

I filmed the whole process of taking out the red stain and posted it to my Youtube channel or you can click on the video below:

I filmed the entire process and the results were AMAZING!!

If you have any stubborn red liquid stains in your carpet, try this method!! There are other types of products you can use but Dawn Liquid Soap seemed like the safest method to me. I researched ammonia but the carpet in the example had lightened way too much. Happy Cleaning!!

Down below is a photo after I repeated the process three times. You can repeat as many times as you would like until you're satisfied.

Not too bad for DO IT YOURSELF

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