Saturday, August 24, 2013

We Bought A House!

Twenty months ago we were given orders to move to Washington State. I had never been so this was going to be a whole new experience. So now that we have lived here for a little while we have grown to love the area and the state. We are close enough to drive back to California where Chris is originally from and still has family who resides there.  It is a little far from where I am from, Illinois. I was happy when we found out that we were approved for a loan but when I started thinking about how far I would be from my parents, I started feeling really sad and home sick. I have been away from home going on eleven years! I try and go home at least once a year but this stretch has been as long as we have lived here in Washington. I need a dose of my parents soon!
We are in the final days waiting to close on our home and I should be feeling super excited...but instead I am so overwhelmed that I have virtually shutdown both mentally and physically. I don't have the energy to do anything but think about how much we have to do in the next week. If you viewed my last video posted on YouTube, you would have found out that we hit a SNAG in our closing. I lost one page of my legal separation to my ex husband and I thought I would never need it. ONE page that I spent one week looking for in all of our paperwork and it is MISSING!!
I was so jumbled up with paperwork that I had forgotten where I had gotten my divorce! I sent a record request to the wrong court house about two weeks ago! I received a letter in the mail stating that there wasn't a record found in my previous name!! I was so mad at the court forgetting that it was my fault the entire time. (I felt like a moron!)
So this past week I was finally able to get in contact with the right court house and hopefully by Monday August 26th, 2013, I will have my legal separation in my hands! We want to close by Tuesday!!
I have been speaking to my mom a lot and that has been helping, her voice has a way of calming me down and reassuring me that everything will work out. I trust her.
We should be closing in about four days if all goes as planned! I am so happy, I've never owned my own home and this gives me hope that we will be settled at least for the next couple of years.
I have received a really great question lately from many of my friends, is your husband getting out of the military??
I can understand why they would ask, the military moves us at least every three years, so why purchase a home??
Spanaway Lake, Near Our New Home
Financially speaking, owning our own home will save us money because our rent is more than our mortgage with all taxes and insurance combined. Chris and I believe that owning is a great investment for our future. Don't get me wrong, it took us about 18 months to decide whether or not we would even start looking at homes. Another reason why we wanted to buy is to give me a chance to really start moving into the next phase of my life. I say my life because I have put my career on hold for about 6 years now. I had always worked full time and gone to school full time before we moved overseas. I want to use my degree. It's really that simple. I've had school loans and paying those were a struggle, Chris has helped me so much. I want to start working to help put us back where we should be. I am blessed to say that whatever I make ($$) is only going to be extra, but the extra will help me feel like I am contributing in my own way. I know it sounds silly right? I am happy that I am a Stay At Home Mother, I am fortunate that I can choose to be that. I want to contribute in another way and take some pressure off my husband. In answer to the question, as of right now Christopher is still in the military for at least another two-three years, he hasn't for sure decided if he is continuing on, but if he chooses to leave the military, at least we will feel much better about it if I am working. I hope that makes sense.
The military has been talking about not moving soldiers as often as they used to, with budget cuts, they want to at least keep soldiers at their duty station for 3-4 years. We are hopeful that we will be here in Washington for the next three years and if by then if Christopher decides to leave the military, then we will at least have a roof over our heads. God has a plan for all of us, crossing our fingers everything works out!

In case you missed the video talking about our Home and the VA Loan, click on the video below!

Have a wonderful day! I will be updating a lot more here!


  1. So glad everything worked out! That's awesome you have your Mom to talk to. I'm the same way. When I'm having a hard time with something my Mom is the first person I call. :)

  2. Hi Sofia! I read through your blog and had question about possibly collaborating on something. I was hoping you could email me back to discuss? Thanks!


  3. Hi there! I am reaching out in regards to a question I have for you and the possibility of working together on something. Please email me when you get a chance! Thank you so much! trucillo(dot)mario(at)gmail(dot)com