Saturday, November 16, 2013

Update: October In Five Paragraphs!

So much has happened since I last wrote a blog!!
More and more I have been really neglecting this blog and I don't feel great about that at all because you all deserve way more than I am giving.
Today's entry is going to be an update.
On October 18th, 2013, Chris and I went to his Military Police Ball. It was pretty fun except for one small thing...a female sitting at our table was completely intoxicated before the event began! Awkward. Besides that, everything went smooth! I have always wondered, do Military Balls ever have child care provided?? It is sad that some couples can't attend because they can't find childcare, we were lucky that friends of ours volunteered to take our boys! Thanks Gracy! Side note: the dress I planned on wearing to the ball didn't fit me so the morning of, I was out searching for one! I found this maroon sparkly one! ($29.99) Ross Stores.
The boys finished their season of soccer already! It was only 6 weeks long. They are naturals and they love the sport. I don't have any experience playing soccer. Chris volunteered to coach their season and he loved it! They are currently in basketball now. We want them to try everything until they find their passion, although they are pretty passionate about everything! I want to start them on Zumba!!
October is long gone but wanted to add that we went to a couple of pumpkin patches, they had SOOOO MANY pumpkins! (Duh!) We bought 17lbs worth and we didn't even carve them!! Life got busy during Halloween. The kids decided they wanted to be minions for Halloween and we ended up thrifting their costumes and a really nice Military Spouse here at Fort Lewis crocheted their minion hats! They were excited! I am a Latina, that is pretty obvious! We were invited to a Halloween party and Chris and I needed last minute costumes. We decided on CHOLOS! I've never really been around the CHOLO community but I thought it would be lots of fun. Luckily our other friends dressed up as cholos as well so we did not feel out of place whatsoever!
How could I forget!! Chris and I threw our very first house party! On Nov 2nd, 2013, we invited around 20 couples and had a DJ'd costume party. Chris was our DJ. Ooooh, Tiffany (trustarr6) from YouTube attended our party, so if you do not follow her yet, please go check her out! Another Military Spouse stationed at JBLM (Fort Lewis, WA). I was a pirate wench for the party even though I really wanted to be Morticia from Addams Family. On Nov 3rd, 2013, my son Alessandro turned 5 years old!! I have been asked if he will be attending Kindergarten this year but he missed the age cutoff date. He has been continuously asking to go to school. Next year for sure.
I don't want to neglect my blog so I am going to be better at posting, even if it is a small update. For more on what we are up to, please follow me on my YouTube/SofiaAlejandra9 or on my Instagram at SofiaAlejandra9. Thank you so much for your continued support since I have started my blog and channel! It means so much to me!! Look out for more shortly!

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