Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year Resolution: Reconnecting With Loved Ones

My family, My Roots
I was born in the 80s! Can you tell from the picture on the left?
I am not sure why my older sister wasn't having it...but there had to be a reason.
I have been away from home since 2003 and it is crazy to think that I haven't spent ONE Christmas with my family in all those years.
We attempted to go in 2013 but it didn't happen because Chris could not get the time off. I am lucky that my family is very understanding to this lifestyle and that they are so supportive. There is ONE regret that I do have since I have left home. I disconnected.
I am the youngest of three siblings and my sister and I are 8 years apart. My brother is 2 yrs older than I am.
When I was born, my brother was super angry. That is what my mom has told me. We got along for the most part until I left home. He missed me a ton and I didn't really respond to it. I chose to disconnect.
My sister and I didn't become close until I had my own children. With 8 years between us, we didn't have too much in common growing up. She has led a tough life and I have learned a lot from her. Now that I have come back from living overseas (2 years or so) we have gotten closer. We talk a lot on the phone and on Facebook. I am glad I have her to vent to or share life experiences. I MISS MY FAMILY.
My Older Sister and Brother
I have a really close bond with my mother and father. They are not perfect but really close to it in my eyes. I admire them because they are hard workers and have provided for us and continue to do so if we need it. My mother has taught me so much about people and life. She and I didn't get along during my teenage years because I thought she was so strict but now I am so thankful for that. I wasn't allowed to spend the night at any slumber parties or stay out past dark even at 16 yrs old! I begged her one time and she did finally cave but I think that was because I was so close to graduating high school. I can remember what my parent's home smells like and every time my mom sends me a card, I sniff it to see if I can smell a hint of her lotion or perfume! I MISS HER! They have lived in their home since 1973!
I have always been daddy's little girl. Well my brother had a girl and she sort of rules that department but I AM IT when she isn't there! LOL!! Can you tell by the smile on my face in the photo that I knew I was the princess? I soaked all of that in! I was spoiled and I admit it. I am spoiled still but now from my husband.
The photo was sent to me today by one of my cousins I reconnected with on Facebook. She lives in Mexico and helps run a bakery in Eagle Pass, TX with my uncle and aunt.
One of my resolutions this year was to RECONNECT. I am tired of being distant and I know this lifestyle often keeps us miles and miles away from our families. This year I want to keep up with everyone, not just my family but my close friends too. I only focus on what I AM doing and that isn't fair. We are not getting any younger. Is that what being in your thirties mean?? You start thinking less of yourself and transition into thinking more about others? I have always been thoughtful of others but didn't quite make the attempt to let them know. This year is different. I want to be CONNECTED.
Chris and I are planning a trip HOME (My Parent's Home) for the Spring. I am crossing my fingers that he gets his leave approved because I want to be there like old times, watching my mother make tortillas and my dad firing up the grill. I want to see my boys play with my niece. I want to treasure each moment as if it were my last and their last. BE PREPARED for lots of pictures and videos in the future. Thank you for listening to me on this post.
If you feel the disconnect with your family and friends...it is perfectly normal. This lifestyle can keep us from them especially if you are across the ocean on another continent. I am several states west of my parent's home...I am either going by plane or car, but whichever it is, I AM GOING HOME!
Thank you for reading. I rambled a lot!!

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